Deanna Russo talks to us at the Attack KITT Reveal

Here Deanna speaks to us right after the Attack KITT reveal about the car, stunts and more! She comes off as very geniune and dedicated!

Deanna and KITT will be in the new Knight Rider 2008 airing September 24th on NBC!

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[Interview with Deanna after Panel]
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Deanna: So this is the Attack version of KITT

It's such a drastic difference then what we did for the two hour. I just want people to check it out cause I think that this is just an amazing ride.

He also makes julian fries.

KRO: Julian fries? Wow. Burgers?

Deanna: Don't get picky.

KRO: How is the cast getting along?

Deanna: We are so lucky because everybody is just into the spirit of the show, we all do what we have to do, cause it's pretty crazy some of the stuff that they ask.

KRO: Was that you in the clip jumping into the F150?

Deanna: Yea. I'm not sure if you've seen all my brusies. I do alot of my own stunts, I don't do all of them.

KRO: How does the transformation work, bluescreen?

Deanna: The transformation happens in a magical room, seriously, I think there is a magic wand? Because I don't know how they do it, it's the coolest part.

Even the SSC which is the Satellite Surveillance Center which is basically the "KITT Cave" where all the intellegence happens. Wow, that's cool. You guys have to come and check that out! Because I have never seen a set so amazing. The people that do the technology for the transformation, they also designed all this amazing details of the set. It's pretty cool!