NBC posts NEW Knight Rider Commercial

This 30 second commercial is out first look at a lot of the action and plot in the TV Movie. We also see KITTs voice modulator for the first time. This is believed to have premiered on last night on NBC.

Also available on YouTube:

  • cool guy

    mike smith is still living in the 80s with his porn mustache thinking the a trans-am looks cool. Yeah it was so good looking no one wanted one and it was discontinued, just like your mustache, HA! That shelby rocks the house, sexiest car I have ever seen, and by the way would smoke any production shits-am ever built!

    Perhaps you can find an old POS firebird in auto-trader for $500 and watch old 70's porn in it and live your dream Mike!

    Shave the stach you look like a homo :-)

  • ian

    i agree they should have chosen William Daniels to voice kitt in this

    with some of the bad feedback they been getting from loyal knight rider fans, dont you think it have been a good idea to at least bring William Daniels back just to keep a bit of old knight rider in there to make loyal fans wanting to watch and to keep them happy?

    guess they dont care about the orginal knight rider fans who made this show what it was and is

  • mike smith

    come on know this ford looks like s---t

    if you are going to make a knight rider movie

    then bring back the real kitt it looks a lot

    better then that ford and will hadle a lot

    better too i know there is alot of kitts out

    there that they could use for the movie

  • james

    i must admit this new guy who is playing the lead role does look pretty damm cool as the new knight rider

    only thing im mad about is in the new trailer they say "kitt is back",its not kitt if they wanted it to be kitt they would have rehired the man who did the orginal voice for kitt and not some dumb guy that doesnt even sound cool or have any personailty

    the new car is growing on me as it doesnt look bad at all,but this isnt knight rider without the orgianl kitt voice,thats what has let me down big time about this

  • Phil

    WOAH! I'm excited. I really hope that all the crap about it being a Mustang stops once people really see it in action.

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