KITT is Back - New Commercial

NBC tonight aired this new :30 second commercial during Las Vegas. Here we see alot more of the relationships between characters and a bit more of the action. Some interesting stuff going on in that interior as well...

Also added to YouTube:

We've also contacted executive producer David Bartis for a comment on the voice actor used here. We know that Val Kilmers dialog was just recorded yesterday - and to us this doesn't sound like Will Arnett - so we're not sure who has been doing the voice overs.

  • Jose L Garcia

    Hi kitt my name is Jose L. garcia I have Comment for you kitt i was a small kid i saw tv show CALL knight rider im wAs a 7 year old I LOVE YOUR SHOW . AND your are cool car i loving. I have a dvd knight rider i want to wishing see kitt I am live at hartford ct so im ok so I SEE U KITT SOMETIME bye

  • SalvatoreMX

    I am a huge fan of the Knight Rider Series.. since I was a 7 year old child... I must say there's nothing like the first Pontiac Firebird KITT... but this new Shelby GT500KR is a BURNER!!! I will be fan to this new ride... We gotta move on people and reinvent ourselves... the world's constantly changing!!! This is not an exception!!!

  • J

    That definitely sounds like Will Arnett. It's especially evident in how the words "both of you" near the end of the clip are spoken. It's highly processed, to be sure, but since it's supposed to be a computer that's not surprising.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with what blickx said...if they were hell bet on using ford, they could have atleast used the Ford's much sleeker compared to the bulkier mustang, plus it'll look really cool to see that LED thing swish back and forth on the Ford GT

  • Ash

    I really hope this show is decent, and if it is it gets the ratings to go to series- and if that happens, they get KITT's voice right and bring back Turbo Boost. Sure, Turbo Boost was completely unrealistic and unnecessary, but it was a staple move of KITT and one that I would really like to see again.

  • Blickx

    good god~!!! a mustang??? i mean c'mon...a camaro would look nicer, there are so many new, bettr suited cars than the my opinion, the new "KITT" should look more sleek than the just doesn't say "Knight Rider" with a mustang...maybe a modified corvette...y'know so that is doesn't look exactly like the corvette....just like the Previous KITT that doesn;t really look like the Pontiac Trans Am...As for "michael" i really don't care who plays him but he must have the same charming qualities as The Hoff...thats's my 2 cents worth

  • brent

    okay, so far it doesnt look so bad. hopefully when the show comes out it will live up to the hype. i think the voice will do just fine, but i stil prefer william daniels to reprise his role. if they do get a season run lets hope something happens to where that can get him back. the car will do just fine!! lets give the show a chance.

  • Lee

    It's not a remake,Sammie.

  • Sammie L. Beck

    Have anyone thought about using another car besides the ford mustang? also, whose playing the role of Michael Knight? When they remade the Dukes of Hazzard, they did use the same car but as we all know time has changed and we have to keep up with the present.

  • BlueEYE

    I really miss the original car and voice of K.I.T.T. ... also Michael Knight ...

    I hope we will not be disappointed ...

  • John

    O.K. I'm going to watch it but would they PLEASE stop saying KITT is back. I understand that the acronym is the same, but this IS NOT KITT. The KITT the fans know was a Trans Am and sounded kind and caring, not at all like this Darth Vader meets KARR voice they have going on.

    I love Val Kilmer (Real Genius)but he's got to tone it down. Be more pleasant will ya'?

  • Lee

    The new KITT didn't sound anything like Val Kilmer. More like Peter Cullen who voiced KARR.

  • Max

    Althou there have been a few dissapointments and some, well let's say annoying facts about this show, it does seem more seeworthy for every trailer you see.

    This is not the original thats given. But it might be something nice anyway.

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