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Voiced by: William Daniels

The Foundation's most important asset in achieving its goals of fighting crime and protecting the innocent is a top-secret super “car” known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT). In addition to being virtually indestructible, KITT possesses advanced artificial intelligence capable of accepting voice commands, as well as interacting with its operator and making decisions on its own. In fact, KITT's artificial intelligence is so advanced, that it has formed a kind of personality. This human characteristic has enabled KITT to gradually form a unique bond and partnership with Michael and the rest of the FLAG crew. Although his purpose is to fight criminals, KITT by nature is benevolent and compassionate. KITT is programmed in such a way that his top priority is to protect human life, and thus he does not utilize lethal force.

NOTE 1: K.I.T.T.'s Fuel Economy may have been revealed as 200 mpg in “Return to Cadiz” when K.I.T.T. said “Silicon chips are beautiful. 200 miles to the gallon is beautiful…” (when Michael was talking about a lady's smile).

KITT was originally designed by Michael Scheffe, who's credits also include the Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.

While George Barris likes to claim responsibility for the car, his only envolvement with the show is in it's last season. His shop created the convertible and super pursuit mode cars for the show.

From the FAQ:

[5-1]: Technical information about KITT

I received the following specs sheet from Amy Martin, David Hasselhoff's niece, via e-mail a few years ago. She copied it from a brochure which she had. This is Amy's copy exactly as I had received it:


VEHICLE TYPE: Front engine, rear wheel drive, two passenger, two door coupe DIMENSIONS: Wheel base(101 in.) Length(189.8 in.) Width(72 in.) Height(37.2 in.)

ENGINE TYPE: Knight Industries turbojet with modified afterburners

TRANSMISSION: 8 speed microprocessor turbodrive with auto pilot(needs no driver)

STEERING: TYPE> Modified rack-and-pinion TURN-CIRCLE> 2ft. with rocket assist BRAKES: Type- Electromagnetic hyper-vacuum disc

CHASSIS/BODY– TYPE>Unit construction BODY MATERIAL>Classified(compound is virtually indestructible)

PRICE NEW: $11,400,000 est.

ACCELERATION: 0-60mph>.2 seconds with power boosters Standing 1/4 mile>4.286sec.@300mph BRAKING: 14ft.(70-0 mph)

FUEL ECONOMY: Classified(to avoid heart attacks in Detroit)

ACCESSORY FEATURES: Operationally controlled by the Knight Industries 2000 microprocessor. Features include: Auto Cruise, Auto Pursuit, Auto Collision Avoidance(with over-ride option), and Emergency Eject. Knight 2000 microprocessor is equipped with a computer “voice,” known as “KITT.” Complete audio/video in-dash entertainment/ surveillance capabilities,including radar,sonar,and x-ray.

Here's another technical specs I recently recieved from Lister (lister@pacbell.net), which seems to be quite different than the one described above:

The front is labelled “KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND”, and above that is the Knight Industries symbol. Above that is the word “CONFIDENTIAL” in what is supposed to look like ink from a rubber stamp. All the writing is blue, and the paper unfolds in thirds, to approximately 8 1/2 x 11, with the design I just described on the back at the bottom. At the top of the back is an ad for the show, including date and time, and the middle is blank. On the front, titled “STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY/VECTOR DISPLAY”, there are vector drawings of K.I.T.T. from three different angles, and near the bottom is a box labelled “STRUCTURAL SPECIFICATIONS”, containing the following information:

BASE COMPOUND: TRI-HELICAL MBS (PLASTEELE 1000) YIELD POINT: 570,000 psi REAR AXLE LOAD (MAX): 192,000 lbs. FRONT SUSPENSION LOAD: 57,000 lbs. (per wheel) FRAME TOLERANCE: 223,000 lbs.

The flyer opens further from here, horizontally this time, like a book. You then turn the flyer counter-clockwise, so that it's longer than it is wide. This section is labelled “K.I.T.T. KIT” and subtitled “DIAGRAMMATIC OVERVIEW: PRIMARY AND ANCILLARY FUNCTIONS, ACCESS CODES AND MODIFICATIONS UPDATE”. The rest of the flyer displays K.I.T.T. from several different angles, showing the locations of the following features. I'll omit the information that is meaningless without the pictures (I.E. the information that serves no purpose other than to display the locations of the features.)


PRIMARY FUNCTIONS 1. Automatic Pilot 2. Voice analyzer 3. Infrared Tracking Scope (Range: 10 miles) 4. Pyroclastic Lamination (Maintains cool body temperature in extreme heat) 5. Blood Analyzer 6. Microwave Jammer 7. Interior Oxygenator 8. X-Ray 9. Flame Thrower 10. Rocket Boosters 11. Smokescreen 12. Trajectory Guidance System (Launches KITT at any angle within 90 degree arc) 13. Oil Jets 14. Olfactory Detector 15. Spectrograph

ANCILLARY FUNCTIONS 1. Electromagnetic Field Generator 2. Microwave Ignition Sensor (Activates other engines) 3. Aquatic Synthesizer 4. Electronic Field Disrupter 5. Ultramagnesium Charges 6. Grappling Hook 7. Ultraphonic Chemical Analyzer 8. Two Wheel Skis 9. Graphic Translator (Sketches likenesses from verbal input) 10. Anamorphic Equalizer

There is also a box detailing the features of the TV Monitor in KITT's dash.


Records & replays scenarios Freeze Frame Zoom Reproduces Photo Imagery and Issues Hard Copy Prints Out Vital Signs and X-rays Produces Maps, Charts, Diagrammatics

Finally, there is a box in the lower right.



The flyer is copyright 1983 Universal City Studios, Inc. so it appears to be genuine.

[5-2] Dashboard Components

This section lists and describes (actually more lists than describes) the various components and gadgets found in KITT. As the show progressed through the seasons, various features were added to KITT, and therefore I find it most logical to organize the information by breaking down the list of components into the seasons in which they were introduced. I have some further information about this at home, which I will include when I have the chance. As it stands right now, most of this is just a big list, so what I really need are some descriptions of the components. Any help is appreciated.

I would like to thank Brian Butler (rebezar@wpi.edu) for providing me with a list of dashboard components as they varied from season to season. Most of the information is accurate. However, it is incomplete.

[5-2-1] Season 1

Voice Display: Air Oil S1 S2 P1 P2 P3 P4 Auto Cruise

Startup Display: Power Fuel On Min RPM Ignitors

Main Panel: Turbo Boost 6rm 7dla

Miscellaneous: Ski Mode Tape

[5-2-2] Season 2

Startup Display: Power Fuel On Min RPM Ignitors

[5-2-3] Season 3

Voice Display: Alt Aux Oil Pre ss Sat Comm Oil Temp Acc Egt Radar Fuel …

Mode Display: Normal Cruise Auto Cruise Pursuit

Miscellaneous: Auto Roof R Auto Roof L Eject Right Eject Left Turbo Boost Surveillence Mode Laser Grappling Hook

[5-2-4] Season 4

Startup Display: Power Fuel On Min RPM Ignitors

Miscellaneous: Super Pursuit Mode Emergency Breaking System C MicroJam


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