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For many decades there has been speculation about the possibility of a movie version of the hit 80's classic Knight Rider which starred David Hasselhoff,series creator Glen A Larson sold the TV rights to Knight Rider in 2006 to The Weinstein Company.

The current status of the project is a bit up in the air. In the Summer of 2006 - A video of Glen Larson was broadcast to a Knight Rider event in the UK, produced by Nick Nugent author of The Knight Rider Companion.

Glen Larson on Knight Rider

Ain't It Cool News Article

At the end of 2013,it was announced that The Weinstein Company are planning to develop the long awaited Knight Rider Feature Film with screen writer Brad Copeland to pen the script. Now we've received information that there truly is a script for the new Knight Rider Movie but its so terrible that nobody including David Hasselhoff don't want to make it as the script is dreadful. Prey that what is on the script doesn't get made because its terrible.

The Knight Rider Movie isn't happening at this time because ''its terrible (the script) that nobody including The Hoff. For further info ask the Knight Rider Companion Link:https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Knight-Rider-Companion/162715837097497

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