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Voiced by: Peter Cullen and Paul Frees

During the initial phases of the Knight Industries project, a prototype vehicle was developed by FLAG and was given the name Knight Automated Roving Robot, or KARR. Although very similar to KITT, the prototype lacked one important feature: the programming to protect human life, an oversight by Wilton and Devon. Once the car was activated, its primary directives was its own self survival at all costs. Upon realizing their mistake, Wilton and Devon promptly had the car deactivated and ordered it to be dismantled. However, the technicians had forgot to dismantle the car, and stored it in the Knight Museum of Technology, where it sat quietly for a number of years. That is, until one day some thieves inadvertently activated KARR in the Season One Episode “Trust Doesn't Rust”.

The two thieves, Tony and Rev, stole KARR to get rich robbing banks. Tony got greedy and used KARR to rob a museum. In doing so, Michael, KITT and Bonnie (with a new laser she made) confronts KARR. After using up the laser, Michael goes for a head-on collision with KARR and KARR chickens out due to his programming for self-preservation, causing KARR to jump into the ocean. He is assumed destroyed.

“Trust Doesn't Rust” version of KARR Facts:

* Primary Driver: Tony

* Technician: Bonnie (Tony kidnapped her)

* Color: All black

* Scanner Color: Red

* Scanner Sound: A soft, “malfunctioning” sounding scanner, quite different to KITT's

* Voice box: Yellow Bar type

* Voice Actor: Peter Cullen

In the Season Three Episode “K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.” KARR returns. John Stanton and his girlfriend Mandy uncover KARR's remains at the beach and John takes him in and repairs him. KARR is now bent on KITT's destruction and uses John and Mandy to lure KITT into a trap at a bridge and canal. Here KITT Turboboosts into KARR and survives while KARR explodes and ends up in pieces in the dry canal bed. However, KARR's CPU flickers as if trying to still live…

“KITT vs. KARR” version of KARR Facts:

* Primary Driver: John Stanton

* Technician: John Stanton

* Color: At first, he was all black with yellow scanner, then John painted the bottom half of KARR silver after KARR told John “I wish to change my appearance.”

* Scanner Color: Yellow

* Scanner Sound: A rougher, but more similar sound to KITT's.

* Voice box: Same Yellow Bar type as he had in “Trust Doesn't Rust”

* Voice Actor: Paul Frees (now deceased)

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