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Played by Patrica McPherson

Was the lead design engineer for Knight Industries, joining shortly after the initial creation of the Knight Industries 2000 (KITT). Although not an original designer for the 2000 series, she routinely repaired, modified, and upgraded the vehicle's onboard systems, including the creation of Super Pursuit Mode. She normally asisted in field missions while operating out of the FLAG Mobile Unit. She left in 1983 for one year to pursue graduate studies. By the year 2000, Barstow had apparently left the Knight Foundation on a more permanent basis.

She had one sister, who married in Boston. Her father was Wilton Knight's personal pilot, and helped get her the job with FLAG. He wanted her to pursue a career in medicine, and she had to practically slash her wrists to convince him she couldn't stand the sight of blood.

Rumor has it that she had a crush on Michael Knight.

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