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Just a reminder; Sci-Fi is airing the two Knight Rider TV movies this month, but at 3 am EST.

Feb 17th at 3 am: Knight Rider 2000

Feb 18th at 3 am: Knight Rider 2010

Personally for those who don't know Knight Rider 2010 isn't worth watching. No KITT no Michael. Knight Rider 2000 on the other hand is the 1990 Knight Rider reunion movie that stared David Hasselhoff and William Daniels as KITT. It's def worth watching for a perspective of what happened in the future, although sadly KITT isn't in his traditional car (except in flashbacks).

More info on Knight Rider 2000

Begining March 29th, Sci-Fi will return airing Knight Rider again M-F in it's old 5pm time slot, replacing Hercules.

The series will begin with Ring of Fire. This is actually a good thing, it's the next episode after Soul Survivor, where Sci-FI ended in the series at the end of last year. So it's almost as if they didn't end the airings, well not nearly at all..

Thanks to pavanbadal for the find!

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