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joao, kitt and david

João da Encarnação, who's car was featured in the RTL show "20 Jahre RTL" that we mentioned below, has put some great photos as well as description of the experience on his website.

David even didn't knew that RTL had arranged a replica for the show, so when he saw  the car, he was totally surprised. He walked straight to it, and said "this is my buddy"!

Check it out!

Thanks to lofer for the link!

According to, David was in Germany last week for a television taping and they have a play by play of his trip in their news section. On January 9th, they taped a show for RTL and he did something special:

David had a breathtaking intro with his KITT car. The scanner was shining in the dark studio, and RTL showed a clip about RTL series... David was driving on stage....

From what we've gathered, the show in Germany contacted a replica owner from Holland to use their the car as an intro to the interview. Looking forward to seeing a clip of this one.

Also, Swerni from (a german language based Knight Rider website) got a chance to ask david about the movie she had this to say:

I had the chance to ask David about the Movie... THEY are working on the Movie.. and he won´t quit this project... so we just have to wait a little bit... David is now on his way home...

UPDATE: Swerni posted some screen caps here!

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