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Michael Pajaro of was fortunate to have the oppurnity to meet with the developers of Davliex at this years e3 conference. He had this to say about the experience:

I visited Davilex at the E3 gaming convention today. The new game definitely looks like a great improvement over the original. They told me several times how much they listened to comments (complaints) about the first game from fans.

The new game gets away from the kind of boring "search and exlpore" model of the original. Instead, it is much more combat-oriented. This is a bit of a deviation from the actual series, but it should help game-play a lot. The reflection mapping on KITT looks really good, and the world textures are much better.

I have more screen shots and a preview movie to post later, but for now here are the list of features taken from their marketting presentation:

New interactive fighting system
KITT has access to 3 different type of weapons
Plasma gun

Fight spectacular battles against enemies
Garthe and Goliath
Different types of robots
Laser protecting system

KITT has an electric shield to protect himself from enemy attacks
Use KITT’s Micro Jam to open gates and control elevators and Laser protecting systems
Interact with the environment and solve puzzles
11 new story based missions
New in-game animation system
Improved visual effects
Improved controls
Energy recharge system

You can find more info about the game, as well as screen shots and game trailer at, and at Davilex's official website (although it still contains information about the previous game)

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