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Sith has gotten a copy of the game from Davilex, and has taken the time to review the game. Unfortunately it seems to be a bit of a let down:

So, its finally here. The sequel to the 2002 Knight Rider The Game.

As most of you will recall, at the time a number of us were suitably unimpressed with the first game, and decided to lobby together on this very forum for a List Of Suggestions to aid Davilex in making the sequel a better game.

How much did they listen? Well... I'll tell you.

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The game is out in Europe this week and a US date is still undecided.

The release of the PS2 game by Davilex has been pushed back a week to Nov 5th. The game will be available in Europe. The PS2 game requires a European PS2 and a PAL television set and will not work in North America. Details for a North American release are still not finalized.

Knight Rider 2 (PS2) £15.00

The first game:

Knight Rider (PS2) £16.99

Knight Rider (PC) £12.00

In the mean time, you can download a demo for the PC! here or here.

And don't forget Knight Rider - Series 1 is also available now for Region 2!

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