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navtones.pngDavid Hasselhoff and William Daniels recorded voices are available from Navtones for your GPS. Here are commercials they recorded to help promote this. William Daniels does his best KITT and discusses ridding the world of evil, while David Hasselhoff makes sure you take the Hoff-ramp.

If you were at Knight Rider Festival, then you undoubtably heard these being played from the First Street Stage, as Navtones was a sponsor of the Festival. They were kind enough to share them with us so everyone can check them out.

William Daniels as KITT is available for $9.95 while David Hasselhoff will cost you a reasonable $6.95! Both are available on

David Hasselhoff had quite the busy weekend! Not only did he make his first ever Knight Rider gathering appearance ever, but he made several other appearances over the last week.

On Thursday:

  • Announces he will attend Knight Rider Festival [link]
  • Has dinner with Hoffspace friends Steve and Marina in Los Angeles [link]
  • Appears on 102.7 KIISFM [link]

On Friday

  • Appears at Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas for Children's Miracle Network [link]
  • Joined comedian George Wallace on stage at the Flamingo [link]
  • Visits Hoffbrau Haus singing "I'm Looking for Freedom" [link]
  • Shot scenes at Planet Hollywood Resort [link]

On Saturday

  • Back in LA at Pink's Hotdogs for Hoffdogs to benefit the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. [link]

He may just be one of the busiest man in show business, but he definitely is showing a lot of heart. Hopefully we'll see some of this in his upcoming reality series currently being shot by A&E.

[images of Hoff at Pink's provided by Nate Truman of StarCarCentral]

We chat with Catherine Hickland at the Drive Thru Wedding with KITT about why she has a KITT replica and the love for Knight Rider! And yes, women can love cars too!

We'll be adding more videos to our videos area in the upcoming days, so be sure to check back!

hasselhoff_hlavicka_sip200.jpgSome amazing news we've been eager to share with you! David Hasselhoff is coming to Knight Rider Festival. We heard the word last week that this might happen, but we didn't want to announce until things were firm and David Himself commented on it - and now with the event tomorrow he has!:

Jojo wright rocks on with Tay at 8 tonight kissFm On mywaytovegas for Knight Rider convention but first to see some Hoffspace friends @davidhasselhoff

This is the first time David has made an appearance at a Knight Rider event - and what an amazing place to do it - Las Vegas! Knight Rider Festival kicks off tomorrow on Fremont Street to help raise money for the Children's Miracle Network, David plans to attend the PR Event taking place at 5pm - ONLY!

If you are in the area, be sure to drop by - if not watch from the comfort of where ever you are from our live page at

Find out more about Knight Rider Festival at

hickland.jpgCatherine Hickland will be singing the National Anthem this Saturday at Knight Rider Festival. Taking the stage at 10am, she will kick off the festivities for the day backed by the Nellis Airforce Color Guard! What a great way to start the day!

Only 3 days remain till Knight Rider Festival 2, hope to see you there!

hasselhoff_hlavicka_sip200.jpgOn April 12th, WWE Raw come to London. To mark this occasion, David Hasselhoff will be guest hosting the event. Here is hoping he does some Michael Knight high leg kicks!

April 12, 2010: David Hasselhoff When Raw hops the pond and crashes London a week after WrestleMania, David Hasselhoff promises to host a jolly, good show. An accomplished actor and international singing sensation, "The Hoff" will take a break from his European tour to belt out the praises of WWE.

Source WWE

[ thanks to sarah and nick for the heads up ]

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