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An amazing weekend was had in Las Vegas as Paul Casey put on the first Las Vegas Car Stars. With over 15 TV & Move cars, many Hot Rods and celebrities (from Knight Rider: Michael Scheffe and Catherine Hickland!) a great time was had while also helping the Children's Miracle Network.

Paul continually proves to be a driving forcing in being one man making a difference through these events to help these children's lives. Knight Rider Festival II takes place in Las Vegas March 19-20, 2010. We'll have more about that in the upcoming weeks and months.

You can find more photos on the Las Vegas Car Stars website or in the Knight Registires forum. As a special treat you can find video from the event on Catherine Hickland's twitter, and author Nick Nugent's YouTube.

The core of Knight Rider has always been about one person making a difference. It is always amazing to us that the people who we watched in front of the camera, have cared that belief off screen. Patricia McPherson has dedicated her time for many years to save Playa Vista wetlands, David Hasselhoff with Make-A-Wish and now Deanna Russo, who tomorrow will speak in Washington DC for an extremely serious cause.

At the "DC SMS "Trainer the Trainer" Seminar", Deanna will be presenting on Stopping Modern Slavery. According to the International Labor Organization, 12.3 million adults and children are forced into various forms of labor, an equivalent of modern slavery, or human trafficking. The focus of this presentation is to teach and give others the power to give presentations and speak out against human trafficking and modern slavery.

More information on the event can be found at their meetup page.

The beautiful and talented Catherine Hickland, who of course played Stevie on Knight Rider, is attending the Las Vegas Car Stars weekend on Fremont street tonight and tomorrow.

She's been cool enough to share a video where she shows of her beautiful KITT replica. She plans to send more on her twitter @cathickland over the weekend, so be sure to check her out and tweet her thanks!

The Las Vegas Car Stars event is being put on to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network! It features some amazing cars from TV and Film, so if you are in the Las Vegas area, check out this FREE event and support an amazing cause.

For more information on Las Vegas Car Stars visit their website at or our recap post earlier in the week.


Ever wanted to hear the Knight Rider theme performed live by a symphony orchestra? This weekend you have your chance as the legendary Stu Phillips will be the focus of a concert in San Pedro California, celebrating his work on Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider. Mr. Phillips will be even conducting the 2nd half of the performance!

More details after the jump!


This weekend on Fremont Street, Paul Casey will be producing the "Las Vegas Car Stars" event. In it's first year, this free event for all features many of the famous cars you grew up with over the years with a celebration only Las Vegas can provide!

Scheduled to appear are the A-Team Van, Adam 12 Stationwagon, Back to the Future Timemachine, Bandit Trans Am, Blues Brothers, Bullitt Mustang, Dukes Police - Sheriff Roscoe, Fast & Furious, General Lee - Dukes of Hazzard, Herbie the Love Bug, KITT, Mad Max Interceptor, Magnum P.I. Ferrari 308, Starsky & Hutch, Star Wars H-Wing, Tango & Cash, Towmater from Cars.

The event takes place on both Friday Oct 23 and Saturday Oct 24, so be sure to check out their website at for the complete schedule.

Paul as you recall also produces Knight Rider Festival which returns for it's second year on March 19th - 20th, 2010.

On October 8th on RTL, Germany will finally air the recent revival attempt of Knight Rider. Why would a country that loves Knight Rider so much, be one of the last to air it? Easy! Redubbing! Watch the teaser above to hear how KITT and Mike will sound from the mouths of their German counterparts. Can't wait to hear what the others sound like.

Tell all your German based friends to watch! Remember what they did for Baywatch.

More on RTL's website

[Thanks to Markus for linking us to the teaser]

If you weren't at KnightCon this past weekend, be sure to check out for a wealth of submitted photos and videos from the event. Great stories are being told all around, so check it out! There is footage of the 22 KITT conversions, with countless other replica cars, the fans, and guests Michael Scheffe and Nick Nuggent. It's really worth spending a few minutes checking out.

Congrats again to Steve, Rob and their hard working team!

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