Knight Rider movie rumor heats up again with Chris Pratt & Danny McBride


Not a year has gone by in our nearly twenty years of online without a rumor of a Knight Rider feature film. But could now be the time? We reported last year when a rumor surfaced that The Weinstein Company had hired Brad Copeland to pen the script, and this latest news builds ontop of that. Sources that spoke with Schmoes Know informed them that both Chris Pratt & Danny McBride are in talks to headline the movie. No other specifics are given, but the casting leads them and us to believe that a comedic slant is in the cards - one that worked well for 21 Jump Street, but maybe not as well for the Duke of Hazzard remake.

Also no word was given on their intended roles, but many are suggesting - and we agree - that Pratt as Michael Knight and McBride as the voice of KITT could work nicely. That is of course, if they keep the character framework that we all know intact for what is being spoken of as a complete reboot.

  • gerald hartman

    hope yall use the 1997 trans am or 1999

    tipe not the mustang thats sucks ass if u use the fierhawk that well give good ratesing thats what pepole wont trust me

  • Chris Burks

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