David Hasselhoff hits San Diego Comic Con 2012, visits fans and KITT!

To help promote Hot Wheels upcoming Knight Rider products, David Hasselhoff appeared at the San Diego Comic Con on Friday to mingle and sign autographs for the fans. "The 404" from c|net was there and filed this report. Check it out and hear a bit from David on his thoughts on Knight Rider and of course his hopes for a feature film. Some fun thinking on what the next KITT might have!

Check out below for some pictures from the day's event as well as some video of KITT during the preview night on Thursday.

  • Cormeam

    I think David Hasselhoff &the car kitt Are Awesome David is A Very handsome guy.

  • Nknightkitt

    David was an unscheduled guest, Mattel was notified that he was making an appearance Weds night (Preview Night), so they made signs on thursday and posted on the Mattel booth and by my KITT car.

  • Melraymond

    I was at the S.D. Comic Con and I walked by KITT a couple of times on Friday and on Saturday, but did not see David Hasselhoff. I got an email from Knightrider online dated 7/15, after the fact. Why didn't you send an email before the event to let fans know he was coming to comic con?

  • Missy

    Hoff Rocks&Sexy,Happy Birthday on Tuesday.


  • Spydee74

    hoff rocks.

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