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Toy Fair 2012 is going on this week in New York City, and Diamond Select Toys - the company behind the awesome Minimates - took the opportunity to show an updated 1:15 KITT and SPM KITT. With the press portion beginning today, we are beginning to see some photos of their booth containing these models.

These aren't the final models, so obvious defects remain - however they are more further along than what we were last seen at SDCC. Also check out the license plates for KARR and KITT, a nice collectable for many fans. Enjoy!

[ thanks to ASMzine.com for reporting! ]

Happy Birthday to Catherine Hickland! Catherine played Michael Knight's fiancee and (short-lived) wife Stevie in three of Knight Rider fans' favorite episodes. She was also married in real life to David Hasselhoff. In recent years she has become a tremendous friend to the Knight Rider fandom, and even has her own KITT replica. She is a big supporter of the Knight RIder Festival in her home town of Las Vegas.

Here's a bio of her as published in Parade Magazine back in 1999. She currently hosts a comedy-hypnosis show in Las Vegas.


Happy Birthday, Catherine!

It had been rumored for more than a year that Hot Wheels would be doing the Elite treatment for Knight Rider. Today we have our first official confirmation from the Nuremberg Toy Fair that things are moving along nicely, with a hopeful 2012 release.

It started with the HotwheelsElite twitter account teasing us with a view of a tall poster with Michael Knight and the phrase "Nobody Tells Me What To Do. Except My Car." with two display cases with silver KITTs inside.

Thankfully the site toycollector.com got a much closer look, and we get our first up close peak at these models. The models shown here are tooling models, but the attention to detail so far looks amazing! Can't wait to get our hands on these.

In addition to these two Elite models, we've been told that there will also be a 1:64th scale KITT for the 2012 Hot Wheels First Editions line. No specific release date or pricing has been released, however Hot Wheels Elite is saying that both the 1:18 and the 1:43 will be limited to 10,000 pieces.

[thanks to jjsocrazy and motor_head !]

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