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Have a Knight Rider replica or wondering if others in your area might? Then check out this cool map mashup. The idea of 99transamgirl and her husband was recently posted to our forums. They hope their map can become a complete database of replicas around the world. If you have a replica, we encourage you to submit!

Over the holiday weekend, news broke that David had suffered a seizure and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. After spending a few days under observation, he has now been released and is doing well. Best wishes of health to David and his family as they work through treatment and recovery.

UPDATE: David spoke with and denies that he had a seizure. States that it is a private matter.

The Knight Rider community is filled with people making a difference, and this is no different. David Doggett is a great fan who works very hard to help keep the spirit of Knight Rider alive, as well as doing some great charity along the way. This time he's produced a Knight Rider calendar!

This two year (2010-2011) calendar contains some very rare photography. Craig Leary who did the driving for KITT in the intros has allowed some of his personal photography from that shooting to be used. And David himself included some of his photos from time spent on "Kickin It Old Skool" the 2007 movie where David Hasselhoff and KITT appeared.

Partial proceeds from the sale of this calendar will goto the Children's Miracle Network. Click here to email David for more information on how to get this calendar!

The Deanna Russo directed webseries "Real Life With Married People" has begun its second season. This is a "very short web videos about a couch, and the two people who sit on it a lot." It was created by Celia Finkelstein and Destin Berthelot who also star int he show. Deanna does all her work behind the camera, which may be unfortunate for some fans. However the comedy performed by Celia and Destin is quite humorous and hits true for anyone ever in a relationship.

An wonderful piece of history was shared by Ave4uevoli who posted in our forum. He's recently aquired FLAG Mobile Unit and KITT that was used in the original series. He says:

Well here it is - I thought you all would like to see and to know where it is now. It's still alive and well. Below there are also pictures of a screenused miniature - the one that has a working scanner. I believe it's the only one made with a working scanner too. Jack never finished it. If you look at the picture where Jack is holding one miniature - the one I have is the one on his table. It still doesn't have side mirrors.

The trailer is a whopping 7-8 feet long. Altogether with the truck it comes out to nearly 10 feet long. It's constructed of metal, wood and resin parts. It's been sitting in a crate for the last few years untouched. The crate that it came in was the same crate that came from Jack's garage/workshop. Anyways - enjoy.

The trailer itself has some of the interior done - not much though. It was built so that the 4-5 miniatures made could fit inside. It's quite cool. The trailer has working lights on the truck part and the KITT miniature has a working scanner and is supposed to have working rear lights (i haven't tested the rear lights)

Be sure to check out the thread for more information that's been learned about the unique history of this piece. Click thru the bellow gallery to see more pictures!

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