Tonight Show Transforms the Historic Knight Rider Sound Stage

Universal's historic sound stage one, home of the original Knight Rider series, has gone through some major renovations to make way for the new Tonight Show starring Conan O’Brien.

For many who still work at Universal, the old stage holds a lot of memories. Steve Whiteside, the propmaster for both the original series and the new recalls,

“Stage one is where not only KNIGHT RIDER was filmed, but also where the Michael Knight wannabes did their film tests.”

Whiteside takes pride in the fact that he helped the shows star, David Hasselhoff, land the once in a lifetime roll by giving him the inside scoop on what his prop watch would be used for. Thanks to Steve, Hasselhoff had several more minutes to practice the trademark pose with the watch before auditioning on stage one that day.

Check out the time laps below of stage one’s transformation.