Campaign to Save Knight Rider


NBC has given us no word of their plans to cancel or renew Knight Rider next season. But with the economy on a down turn NBC has been cutting costs across the board. Knight Rider was recently cut back from 23 to 17 episodes and Jay Leno had been given a prime time slot. Scripted television may be in jeopardy! We have already created a forum where members can discuss ways to save the show. Now we have a new page with three simple ways to make a difference. We recommend you not stop at one but do all three. Please check it out and share it with your friends and other forums. One man can make a difference!

  • Brian

    Is this campaign still going? If so, i would suggest contacting every Mustang club across the county to help with the online petition and possibly get Ford involved.

  • I loveee knight rider so muchhh! I don't want it to endd! I want it to continue on and on just like the original kinda did! Im like posting the link for the petition everywhere and making sure loads and loads of people sign it x) I hope it works =D For all the knight rider fan's sakes.


  • Carl Waring

    Hello from the UK. Please renew this series. I loved the original 80s version and this new one certainly has potential. Just lose the 'morphing' ability!

  • Tia

    I am a 12 year old girl, who lives in Hawaii, Oahu. My Uncle was the one you got me hooked on the show, Knight Rider, and I couldn't stop watching! Soon after my whole family got fixed. This consists of my grandparents, two sisters age 9 and 7, Uncle, Aunty, and Mom. I love the story lines, the suspenseful missions, and, of course, KITT. He's so funny how he states all the facts and has a great sense of humor. And all the actors/actresses do a great job. I hope to see more of this outstanding series, and so does my family. Please e-mail me if there is something I could do, I know that I am only 12, but I love this show too much to give-up on it.

    To the Knight Rider team, turbo-blast to victory!

  • carol unyi

    I enjoy Knight Rider 2008 very much, Please with sugar on top, DON'T CANCEL THE SHOW IT IS TERRIFIC!

    May KITT and Michael ride into a second season!

  • Ron

    I hope they do make the second season. AND mayby another one or two?

    I have seen episode 1 to 16 now and i think its a great serie.

    "One man can make a difference!" BUT a lot of people can make a lot more difference.

    KNIGHT RIDER 2008/2009 has to go on.

    Greets from the netherlands


  • kitt

    I hope they don't cancel Knight Rider

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