More on Knight Rider production halt

The news that came down the pipe yesterday about Knight Riders reduction in schedule have been now backed up by reports in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. All reports seen thus far have stressed that NBC has not canceled the show.

From Variety:

Net also quietly cut its episodic order on "Knight Rider," which will end the season early -- on Feb. 25. NBC had picked up a full season of "Knight Rider," but the show's ratings haven't improved.

As a result, the Peacock's "Knight Rider" season order has been trimmed from 22 to 17 episodes. Net stresses that "Knight Rider" isn't canceled -- but the downsized order isn't a good sign for the remake.

From THR:

The decision was part of a flurry of NBC scheduling announcements made Wednesday, including an early season-finale date for "Knight Rider." The action-drama will conclude Feb. 25, with the show halting production after 17 episodes. The network has said it plans to overhaul the show, with format changes still to air in the coming weeks, but the episode cutback suggests there is little expectation that a revamp will reverse the Wednesday night drama's ratings decline.

  • just like always, maby thats why nbc sucks so much balls, knight rider is the only thing they have came out with to watch since jay leno, i hope nbc goes bankrupt

  • Phil

    NBC should bite the bullet and give the show some actual time to catch on in the first place. Networks are getting to be inept these days and they need to hire better people to run things. People that are more in tune with the pulse of what viewers actually like vs. what ineffectual NBC staffers tell people to like.

  • C. Tamani

    I was wondering what happened to the new Knight Rider series. I faithfully looked for it every week on Wednesday nights. I have a feeling it will be canceled, no matter what the powers that be at NBC say. What a bummer! I loved that show. I faithfully watched it every Wednesday night and even the re-runs later in the week. As a 45 year Mustang lover (and owner) I love that show! I need my Wednesday night Mustang! Please bring it back and all those canceled episodes. I love the cast and especially that fantastic KITT. Wish my mustang was that cool!

  • mike

    This is bull! They could have at least waited until the revamp happened to make a decision. They started with to much in the beginning and tried way to hard to go over the top... Now when it seems they realized what they did wrong, the rug gets pulled out. For 20 years we wait for a quality remake of the show and this happens...

    Next time listen to the focus groups!

    They cancel and I'm boycotting NBC for life!

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