A Ride With KITT


While visiting the Knight Rider set we met a bunch of really cool stand-ins and stunt doubles for the major cast members. But when it comes to picking a favorite, I think we might have to agree with Picture Car Coordinator Charlie Ping. That's right our favorite is KITT's stunt double, a car that goes by the name KR3. Find out why by watching the video below.



  • Jon B

    That's my cousin, Charlie Ping. He bought his fist Mustang when he was 11 years old. I remember walking by his bedroom to see a mattress on the floor, a dresser, and wall to wall Mustang parts everywhere else. We used to race AFX cars on his track when we were kids. He always had the Mustang, and it was always faster, of course! Neat guy :)

  • Chinmay parab

    bring knight rider back in action this 2014.im a biggest fan of kitt. i want to meet him. im in mumbai

  • William Knight

    hello, what jacket model use Justin in the serie?

  • sam B

    when is knight rider come tv again

  • sam B

    when is knight come on tv again

  • sri lanka

    please don't stop making the movie. we all love the series.

  • caleb

    is kitt real

  • Shelby GT500 KR with Automatic Transmission?

  • Rafa

    eeeuuuuuuuuuuu queru um mustang p mim e vai se chemar de KITT buaaaaaa

  • Bbccouk

    went one kitt me wil money give ple xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • A379144953

    In the second quarter to

  • aLeeJhiiZ

    Hahaha... i Love this car !!!!

  • Jking1972

    we want more knight rider,my sons & me love watching it

  • miky

    we need mutch moor of this car and michael the new show was great.
    it should be still runing and making new eposoads it ended far to soon
    brillant family program
    please bring it bak
    best wishes

  • Reed

    I hope thereĀ“s gonna be another season.
    the show is great, the acting is very good especially Deanna and Justin:)
    pleeez bring the show back on screens, love it:D

  • subashbathiya

    gooooooooooooooooooooooood kr

  • Chip

    I think it would be stupid of NBC to cancel this show,its great fun! I want MORE!

  • iury

    Please I am addicted to this mega show I do not miss any days you want. You can send me all the seasons?
    Since I'm talking about this encriver Mustang that is my dream all my life and it was this car?

  • lucas

    people who pretty much machine Congratulations to you all, this machine is doing a more successful here in Brazil, people I am the biggest fan you are of them more.

  • ronpb1969

    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. I think the new one is just as good if not better than the original one. There is no duplicating the original with the Hoff, but this new one is a breath of fresh air comparied to what is on TV these days.

  • Daryl

    I hate the new series AND the new car!! If the new series had the old KITT that would be alot better!!

  • Johan

    I think you must wake up the old kitt is as you calledl it "old" and out dated
    the Kitt 3 is way better Go Ford!!!!

  • celticwolf

    bring knight rider back

  • diego

    his kitt original

  • porge

    when will kinght rider bo back on

  • wan


    i love a khight rider.

    can a normal car be a khight rider n how?

    thank u

  • TJ

    I'm interested in buying the rims that are on KITT. Any ideas what they're called or where I can find them?

  • Charles Roberts

    Man I miss knight rider. I would watch it every

    wednesday. I never missed a single show. Im

    filling so so so sad without it. Please tell me

    why you took it off. Im the biggest knight rider

    fan on the planet.

  • syaz

    hey............when knight rider season 2 start?

    I always watch knight rider on tv because i like the car.

  • kelvin syme

    Wen will the film come on dvd.brng back the progrome.on itvq1.with the old sports car. signed kelvin syme.

  • MJ

    i miss this tv show. is there going to be another knight Rider or is this the end. I also like Kitt the car. I wish i had one who talks like him. Im your fan. I watched it every wed night at 8. I hope youll make another one soon.

  • Charles Roberts

    Hi, You Know That Comment That Said About K.I.T.T.

    Being A Dodge Challenger? That One Is Mine. Please

    Do Not Do What It Says. I Did Not Know What I Was

    Thinking. So Please Disregard That Letter. Delete

    That If You Want To!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    What kind of car and model was kitt ?

  • KITT is a Shelby Mustang GT500KR!! They are selling Mustangs in a show room near my flat but they are not the GT500 versions :(

  • Jesibel

    if the show is being cancelled, i'll take kitt, thanx!!

  • amila

    wow whta great serise,

    we r waiting for the 2nd serise

    keep going.......

    gud luck

  • chase Collins

    Can you Give Me Acsess to the SSC Building on Knight Rider.com

  • DRock

    Pretty cool! They need to do the programming option per the owners manual to turn off the seatbelt reminder chime though.

  • shawn

    Are the rumors true about the show being cancelled after the first season. i beleave the show has done well. Justin not bad man not bad. All you need is the David Fro and a ton of chest hair lol. And don't forget the gold chain. Also if there is a season 2 and i hope there is will Mr. Hoff be in any of the shows maybe as a mentor to his son/.


    i watched knight rider in the 80's and loved it i also watch it now with my daughter and we both love it bring back another season please it's a bonding thing for us

  • Charles Roberts

    I Have Watched Knight Rider2008 Sence It Started. In Fact,

    I Found Out A Great Idea! How About Making A New Knight Rider And K.I.T.T Won`t Be A Mustang, He Will Be A 2009

    Dodge Challanger. A Black One With Silver Rims, Red Stripes Going Over The Heighed Lights, And Would Go 250

    Miles Per Hour. Don`t Forget The Scanner Too.

  • Rendra from Indonesia

    Knight Rider 2008

    I'm Waiting for season 2.... Keep Going....

    Hip..Hip... Hore.... ^_^

    Season 1 : Exellent buuuaaannggeetttt..!!!

    season 2 : ?????

  • Matt

    Uh Oh looks like someone wasn't wearing there seat belt :).

    Thanks for taping this Sue for us gear heads :).

  • I can assure you that Knight Rider has *not* been cancelled. Please see our forums and podcasts. KR is still very much alive and well. And returning tomorrow at 8 / 7 central! :)

  • Phil

    As per NBC, the show is not canceled as per NBC. This was also confirmed here:


  • MR Knight


    Pitty the show is canceled.

  • Steph_willey

    hey it steph here from halifax west yorkshire when are u bringing new episodes of knight rider cause me and my fiancee watch them there ace even k.i.t.t is a ace car so plz make some new ones form steph in halifax hipperholme

  • bjorn123

    comes no new season at 2010? i like the shows so much

  • aztech7

    hi mr knight
    knight rider is the best show of all time kit and karr are flippin amazing this show is brillaint because its a new carryed on version of the old one which is great. if the show isnt around anymore then pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nbc bring knight rider back because the actors and sctresses are great. i think the film crew have done a brillaint job. plz bring it back, its the only reason i wake up in the morning lol.thnx any way for a giving me a great time i really do enjoy kr. and i know so does the half the world probably.any way thnx for a great programe plz bring it back many thnx kitts fav fan...... :-]

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