Knight Industries Research updated


We've been snooping around this Knight Industries Research page for a few weeks now, and up until today it was this video that quickly flashed on your screen with images of Michael in Iraq.

Today it's been given a bit of an overhaul. We now have access to the dossiers of all of the Knight Industries characters we have been following over these last 5 episodes. Click around and let us know if you find anything - there must be something hiding in here.

Don't forget! devon and bonnie will help you!

  • Caro

    Does anyone know when the site will work again?

  • janipoul22

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  • Dan

    Im having trouble accessing any pages at all

    I dont get prompted for a username or password. I get to the KIR webpage and it gives me info on how my IP has been logged etc etc. I then click on Employee Database, click on who i want and it gives me basic data

    But when i want to view messages and whatever i ger a "File Search: Access Restricted" error. How do i login? Where is the login page?

    Is it a pop-up or something? Do i need to use Internet Explorer?

  • KITT

    i was having trouble accessing alex torres messages or something. it requires a level 3 password. my system could not track anything down. michael knight tried to access the system with the help of his human friends. if someone or anyone knows the level 3 security password, pls i'm trying to get agent torres removed from his position.

  • mike knight

    when i log on the research and i try click on KITT icon and it shows access restricted. why can't i get in?

  • william

    i cant get to the video of mike in iraq, and ive allready done everything that you all said to

  • jinz7

    can anyone please tell me what is the login id and password or how do u get the id and password. i cant seem to log into it.

  • Well here you go: The video for all of us not in the U.S.

    I hope publishing the link does not violates any kind of copyright.

  • Thanks for PHOENIXZERO for posting me in the forums.

    Here's a shoot of the video (directly from NBC)

    I will try to get the video!

    To knightfever: I'm using Firefox...maybe it doesn't work on other browers...

  • frieda

    i still can't get into the files, i only get a page statung this is restricted info. help !

  • guest

    """Don't forget! devon and bonnie will help you!"""

  • Matt

    Umm, how do you access the Knight Industries Research page? I cant get past the login screen.

  • Actually I just found out that is better if you use "javascript:toggleLayer('icons');playVideo();" in browser's URL box and also you can use the command on any employee's page (although it will show the same video)

  • You may want to try putting "javascript:playVideo();" (without quotes) in browser's URL box whilst you're in Michael Traceur Employee page... (US Only)

  • TeMc

    -> Link to Knight Research website is wrong, it links to

    Probely forgot the http:// prefix or whatever.

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