The Wait is Over

While "The Wait is Over" is the theme of the video we are highlighting above, this statement is very true for viewers across the US. With a week to go for the official broadcast premier, starting tomorrow many outlets will be offering a free "Online Premier" for the Season 1 premier of Knight Rider.

Entitled Knight in Shinning Armor, it picks up in real time from where we saw our characters in February, some 7 months later. We have seen the synopsis of this episode, but here is what is more important: where to find it.

Starting approximately noon EST tomorrow, Hulu, NBC, iTunes, IMDB and Amazon UnBoxed will provide free streams and or downloads of the first episode of Knight Rider. iTunes will even give the episode to us in HD for free - very cool.

Be sure to check these links tomorrow - and let us know if you get one to work!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a very interesting day!

**UPDATE** We've been informed via the forums that Amazon is first to live with the premier episode!

**UPDATE 12:30EST** Episode now live on as well

**UPDATE 14:00EST** Episode now live on

**UPDATE EVENING** All sites are now online. iTunes 720p HD clocks in at 1.34gb!

  • BV2312


  • Rob

    Too bad I live in Canada...I can't watch it!!

  • Phil

    I liked it. The first show should really be a showcase of how clever they are and I think they pretty much did that. And they set up distant future story lines.

    Not too bad.

  • Chris

    As expected. A mixed bag of cool elements and lame elements jumbled together.

    But this is the show of my childhood so I gotta watch it :)

  • Harminder purewal

    whats the music in this trailer?

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