NBC launches online iniatives


In an effort to continue to build online fan support for the new series, with the premier of Knight Rider NBC has launched three online initiatives that we had previously mentioned. Check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments.

  • D Knight

    i have the first password and username

  • David

    No, NBC is just reeling you in. First they gave out the web address, then it was wrong because they ddnt check to see if the domain was available - which it wasn't. So they added the research to the end then re advertized it...but they will make you tune in next week and possibly give out the log-in and then the following week give out the password, etc. marketing to ensure viewership. someone i am sure will hack it and have the password before they announce it, unless they just dont bother to set a password until then...which is much more likely. Sad.

  • so on the last link is there a special trick we should be aware of to access it? or did i miss something?

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