Morning Video Knight Rider

A couple of new teasers aired during the football game on NBC last night. Above is a 15 second commercial showing a stationary shot of KITT transforming into Attack KITT. Similar but different to the exclusive preview we showed you a couple of weeks back of KITT transforming in the parking lot.

Also, after the jump is a video that shoots a close up scanner, similar in style to the You Can Call Me KITT commercial from almost a month ago. In it, we are told to "Prepare for Turbo Boost"

Prepare for Turbo Boost:

From the Inside - Out:

  • Chris

    I'm super excited about the *idea* of the show - but that attack mode is totally crass and gawky. The worst part is that spoiler which just makes it look totally stupid.

    Looks like they are obsessed with it though - they are using it in all the promos *sigh*.

  • Denny

    This show is going to be awesome and I for one can not wait until the 24th! Great job NBC for the marketing and for bringing Knight Rider back after all of these years!

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