Knight Rider to premier a week early on Hulu!

Broadcasting & Cable has learned that Hulu will be airing the season premier of Knight Rider one week earlier, airing them online before debuting anywhere else.

Series premiere of Knight Rider, season premieres of Chuck, Life, Lipstick Jungle to be available on Hulu one week before appearing on NBC's primetime lineup. By Alex Weprin -- Broadcasting & Cable, 9/2/2008 7:26:00 AM

NBC is giving users of Hulu, the video-streaming site it cofounded with News Corp., a sneak peek at some of its fall shows, streaming them before they debut on the network.

The series premiere of Knight Rider and the season premieres of Chuck, Life and Lipstick Jungle will be available on Hulu one week before they appear on NBC's primetime lineup.

Hulu is setting up a dedicated section of the site for new fall programming, where it will aggregate all of the season and series premieres from its participating networks, most notably NBC and Fox.

The Hulu Fall Lineup, as it is being called, will premiere new episodes of primetime shows for seven straight weeks beginning Sept. 2.

NBC Gives Hulu Sneak Peek at Fall Shows

[Thanks to Knight Rider Archive for the first catch of this story!]

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