KITT Stolen in Toronto?

Ford and NBC had been driving a KITT car around Toronto this week, and it looks like someone who wasn't supposed to, took the car for a joyride! We're looking into it and will let you know the status of KITT!
  • I wonder what happened to the KITT. I wonder if that thief used that car and considered it as his own. Well, I think that's a pretty bad move. Or maybe he sold it to some car dealers. I don't know. I just heard from my friends in Houston, TX that the KITT was actually stolen in Canada. I never thought this happened so fast.

  • michaek

    well from reading all your comment no matter how fast it happened the copps would of called for assistance and they woulda been on it. its a fake stupid stunt

  • joel

    It's true!

    I was doing an event across from Union Station at the Royal York hotel. A few of us were watching from a window 5 storeys up as Kitt was delivered on a flatbed truck.

    Kitt was driven off the flatbed. It's driver left Kitt with the door open and engine running to get something out of the truck. Then someone off the street jumped into Kitt and drove eastbound on Front Street!

    The E! people were freaking out - and the pay duty cops just stood with their bicycles. Nobody had any idea what was happening! It happened so fast.

    I went down to street level to ask the E! reps what really happened. And they said, "some guy drove off with the new Knight Rider car!"

  • SnakeHead

    If this isn't a stunt and the thief breaks KITT then I'll find him and kill him by running him over with my car... If it's a stunt, well then...

  • ChesterD.

    I doubt it was fake. I was going for lunch break and saw the E! tent, thought I'd hit it up for any free merchandise (haha, front street is great for promo-freebies)

    Anyways, one of the officers assisting with traffic is a former college mate. I was asking him why they're closing both sides of the street, since Front is always so damn busy anyways. Apprently KITT was going to do a burn-out and do a loop around the median, ending at BAY, then come back around, in the westbound lane, and end up in front of the E! tent again.

    My friend thought it was part of the gig, except the car didn't turn back at BAY around the median.. but just kept going. So the cops weren't in on it. ha ha Global must be just embarrased that they lost the car, and aren't saying much.

    probably just some opportunistic kid taking it for a hot joyride. Hope they don't find it in the lake or on the Bluffs

  • Will

    This is obviously a stunt. Nobody jumps into a 500hp car with a short-throw shifter for the first time without burning way more rubber or fishtailing or stalling. Note to PR: next time have the guy jump the barricade - you'll get more life out of your coverage





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