KITT Bytes of the Week


  • Forbes online has an amazing interview with Gary Scott Thompson. He talks about the difficulties in pleasing everyone and his experience bringing Knight Rider to series: "Also, everyone seems to forget we don't work in a vacuum here. We have to report to a studio and a network, which will and will not let us do certain things."
  • SciFiWire had a piece on weither or not the characted of Carrie Rivai was still a lesbian like she was in the pilot, Gary Scott Thompson had this to say: "My inclination is to leave her as she was," Thompson says. "Why change it? But the thing about my argument is that, in the case of Anne Heche, she was straight, then bi, then a lesbian, then bi, then straight. If [Rivai] is actually bisexual, she would appear different ways, depending on the situation. Of course, in my book, that would make her a much more interesting character, much like Capt. Jack Harkness in Torchwood. If I could use Jack in Torchwood as a role model -- I would absolutely use him as a role model -- I love his conflictedness about... everybody. He's real cool." [Knight Rider Archive]
  • SciFiWire talked with Paul Campbell who plays Billy in the about the new series and his character for a certain episode we weren't allowed to talk about yet...
  • SciFiWire also has several interviews with Justin Bruening talking about how he and the rest of the cast has yet to meet Val Kilmer, Deanna Russo discussing her fight trainning as well as a smackdown between Knight Rider vs Legend of the Seeker
  • ComingSoon interviewed KR stunt-coordinator Dan Wynands. "The one thing we do in Knight Rider, we do have a lot of green screen for when we put our principle actors in the car. I'm trying to tie them more into the real work we do. I've actually got some business to do this Friday with Justin Bruening who's our Michael Knight Rider guy, and I'm gonna tie him onto the hood of our Knight Rider car. I'm trying to bring some of the feature film world tricks to help sell our actors in there. It is a challenge."
  • Knight Rider Archive has a summary up about the latest UK SFX Magazine's 5 page feature on the new Knight Rider.
  • RadioShack has been announced as the exclusive retail destination for the Mio Knight Rider GPS until the end of October. You can read more on the device with our review and from Mio's website. The unit is also available via Amazon, where a percentage of your purchase goes back to support this site.

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