Hasselhoff to Return?


In what's bound to be seen as good news by the entire fandom, SciFi.com has learnt that the original Knight Rider, the Hoff himself, David Hasselhoff, is in negotiations with NBC to reprise his role as Michael Knight alongside his onscreen son, Mike Traceur, towards the end of the first season.

Gary Scott Thompson had this to say:

"That's the first time the show's producers have confirmed that they are considering inviting Hasselhoff onto the new series."

"He may make an appearance later this season," Thompson said in an interview on the show's set in Santa Clarita, Calif. "He is talking to NBC next week, and we are working out everyone's schedule ... I don't want to put him in just for the sake of having him drop by; I want there to be a good reason for him being there and have it be part of the story. I talked to David about a way of doing that, and so far he likes it. It's a cool idea."

To find out whether there's a chance of the original KITT returning to the frey, hit the link, and check out the whole article.

  • Austin Posenai

    They really should bring the original cast member David Hasselhoff to re-cast the Michael Knight character and KITT 2000 too because as I have heard Knight Rider in the 80's had high ratings if they bring back the two original cast members and characters Knight Rider could just be brought back for Season 2 with David Hasselhoff and the original KITT who knows they could even bring Rebbecca Holden back for the character April Curtis.

  • Jay

    I keep hearing that David Hasselhoff and his car Kitt might return back to Knight Rider and I think that a great idea because its might improve the shows rating because he is very well known from the Knight Rider in the 80's. The Knight Rider today is like making a new movie Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford. So the show Knight Rider was missing an actor "David Hasselhoff" from the 80's Knight Rider. Yeah I recommend that NBC to bring David back because I think it a wise move for NBC, and a lot of people may not agree with me but I think a larger amount of people may agree with my comments.

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