Exclusive Alternate KITT Transformation

Over the weekend a commercial for the new Knight Rider aired during the Olympics on NBC, and we captured and posted it for you then.

We've been having daily discussions about the commercials in our forum, and last night we were provided with a little insight on this one.

A member of the team working on the new Knight Rider series, who has been kind enough to post recently, provide us with this alternate angle of the commercial that aired, as well as explain a little history about the commercial.

We were pretty shocked to see it air on national televison. I thought it was pretty cool of NBC to do that! That's a sign that we are doing something right in house.

We couldn't agree more. Read more on this clips production here, where he gets quite a bit more specifc about the process. It's truely interesting for anyone who enjoys learning about the behind scenes process.

Many many thanks to z00story for sharing with this and the 'higher ups' that gave them the go ahead. We are very truely appreciative of being able to share this with everyone.