Knight Rider Promo: "Just wait until you see my Turbo Boost"

One of the biggest, most talked about, most complained about thing that was lacking in the two hour pilot back in February was "Turbo Boost." This beloved feature of KITT, which sent him many times flying over large object, was missing from the movie, and many thought that a piece of KITT was missing too.

When we interviewed Gary Scott Thompson back in April, he recognized this as well:

What exactly is the Turbo Boost? What's going to be our version of the Turbo Boost? And that's something I know the fans sorely missed. It's one of the reasons why I watched as a kid, and loved to see that car jump. But also it's problematic in terms of jumping a car (laughs)

Well now we have our first proof that something is coming for Turbo Boost. Thanks to some observant forum members, we were able to capture and bring to you this :10 second commercial hinting at the Turbo Boost to come:

Exciting times indeed.

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