Gary Scott Thompson's Sneak Peak of NBC's Knight Rider

Thanks to NBC's official website, we now have access to the very first official footage of NBC's Knight Rider.

Check it out, and let us know what you think.

  • Damn this looks pretty awesome and being a huge fan of the original, this looks great for the times. One bitch I have is the Voice of KITT, he sounds way too automated. KITT in the original was always trying to communicate with Micheal Knight and learn. It's a little shitty to me.

    I dig the transformation, reminds me of when KITT would go into "super pursuit mode" in the last few seasons of the original and transform and too give the effect of cruizing at top speed, they would fast forward the footage! LOL ahh the good ole days. Anyway 1 thumbs up for sure....just change KITT's voice and interaction and we're all happy? ;)

  • Tom

    OK, so I'm dumb and commented before I watched the video and saw the KR that Ash was referring to (I was thinking it had similar pictures I'd seen elsewhere). I take back my comment on it not being for a super hero because YES it does look that way, and I also hope we never see it again.

  • Tom

    Good God. The Attack Mode is horrible! I think I'm going to be sick that they would put so much crap onto what is, by itself, one seriously awesome car.

    As for Ash's comment of not understanding the KR & Cobra logos, umm that's not for a super hero. KITT is based on the Shelby GT500KR Mustang. A limited edition version, boasting the most horsepower of any production Mustang ever. The Cobra logo is found on the Shelby and/or Cobra editions of the Mustang since the 1960's.

  • Ash

    Looks good, except what is with the 'KR' and Cobra emblem at the end? I hope they never use that again. It kind of reminded me of an emblem for a super hero from a bad children's program. I am wary of KITT's transforming abilities and the 'cave,' but I'll reserve any harsh opinions until I see them in action. Still, I'm excited to see Knight Rider returning!

  • Andre

    Again with the homosexual question? Is that going to be the type of jokes we continue to hear on this show? And KITT transforms?.....ehh

    At least the dash isnt plain. Looks much better now.

  • leglevy

    Holy Mother of God. This looks GREAT!!!!

  • Lee

    That looks bloody great! Attack Mode is much much better!!!!

  • Ryan

    What do i think?? F-ing awesome!! Great job GST!! I cant wait...2 more months! The voice box modulator looks more like the one we all know and love!

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