Knight 3000's to be Auctioned for Charity

countdown to kitt being auctioned off

The aptly titled blog Cars + Movies were first to report that two KITTs used in the production of the new Knight Rider telepic, will be auctioned off for charity.

A Hero version and "Attack" version, two of the six that Ted Moser's Picture Car Warehouse had built for the TV Movie, will be auctioned off in Palm Beach, Florida in the end of March.

Barrett-Jackson, known as having "The Greatest Car Show on Earth", will auction these two vehicles off on March 29th at their four day event running from the 27th till the 30th. These are genuine vehicles, and while it doesn't explicitly state, are most likely screen used. The one catch tho? You have to buy in a pair.

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Hero KITT:

The "hero" KITT is built off a black Mustang GT with 4.6 Liter and was upfitted with a Ford Racing Whipple Super-charger to reach 500 horsepower. Additional performance elements include a 6-piston Brembro Brakes, FRC500 Suspension Pak, High Flow Ford Racing X-Pipe and Ford Racing Mufflers with stainless tips. The exterior sports the GT500 KR fiberglass hood with KITT heartbeat light installed, Shelby GT500 front and rear bumper covers, matte black LeMans stripes, matte finish Rocker Panel, GT500 KR rear spoilers and 20" forged aluminum wheel (8 1/2" front, 10" Rear). The KITT interior has been completely renovated with props that display KITT's supercar capabilities.

Attack KITT:

The "attack" mode KITT started with a black Mustang GT with 4.6 Liter with auto trans, custom front valance/grille based on GT500 KR, carbon graphite chin spoiler, custom rear bumper cover, custom side feux air scoops, custom side skirt/rocker panel, two-tiered rear spoiler, custom window rear window insert, custom turn signal trim, custom headlight trim brow and 20" Forged Black Aluminum wheel (8 1/2" front, 10" Rear). Performance features include Brembo Brakes, a FRC Suspension Pak and Ford Racing Mufflers with stainless tips.

People may question why they would be auctioning off two vehicles, and wondering what this means for the series. Other than trying to promote a good cause and get some press with it, it means nothing at all.

The movie still netted 12.7 million viewers on it's initial airing, slaughtering the last several years of numbers for the 18-49 demographics. This is only two of the six cars that Ted Moser built, and when we interviewed him, he expected there to be more built when it went to series. The original series went through many many cars over it's run - it would be expected for cars to be switched out after they have been fully used.

But most importantly - all proceeds from the sale of these cars will be donated to Salute To Education.

SpeedTV has covered the auction since 1997, so when it gets closer to auction time, we will update you on viewing availability.

Thanks to Cars + Movies for the alert!

  • Mike

    I got one that some of the function work

  • chris

    did you guys see that top gear episode? they took a 2008 carroll shelby gt500 cobra mustang and tested it? it was completely useless doing anything other than a straight line, had an antique suspension with ford having some bullshit excuse about it would cost an extra $5000 for a modern suspension as if people somehow wouldnt pay it. then they threw it on a dyno and it didnt even have 500 horsepower like you guys have been bragging - 447 horsepower. thats not a small amount off. then they took a rousch 412 mustang with significantly lower hp and it wooped the shelby lol

    on another note, have you guys seen the concept for the chevy volt? that would make a cool knight rider

  • chris

    remember what i said about GM and product placement? look no further its just a different show starting on nbc soon - my own worst enemy

  • chris

    this fall when tyhey do start playing the series are they gonna replay the one we've already seen? i didnt have a dvr and dvd recorder back then

  • Is this the car that is used in the remake?

  • Sounds amazing and interesting. You have given a fair deal. I have gone visiting many auction-warehouse online but didn't find such a good deal that is listed out here.

  • Sue

    There should probably be a link where you can register, this board and that board don’t use the same passwords for some reason. But there are a lot of great conversations going on over there so you should join, it's painless.

  • chris

    i cant get in

  • Sue

    I photoshopped on that mental horsepower Chris, you can check it out in my forum profile.

  • Sue

    Reading this article:

    I realized that maybe the reason they are auctioning off the original cars from the movie is because they were not actual Shelby KR cars, but only the cheaper mustangs. Maybe the new ones will be real cars with the real power.

  • chris

    alright - adding mental horsepower. dont forget the stickers with companys names - 2 mental horsepower a piece

  • Sue

    Oh okay, always fun to learn stuff, I’ll try to absorb any technical info you throw my way. I was thinking of how my hybrid recycles the energy used in breaking or slowing and converts it into electricity. Basically my car slows down a lot with out ever using the break because taking my foot off the gas causes it to switch over to charging itself with the momentum of the car. It’s a very different feel than other cars but is saves on break pads. I can’t wait for hydrogen! Humm, I think my car could use some racing stripes.

  • chris

    yeah i heard him say it was a whole bunch opf stuff - hybrid electric motor (dont remember if they said it but if not they should have) and gas plus solar power and recycles burnt emmissions from from the used gas. its actually really clever if you know about high performance cars volumetric efficency to air/fuel ratios. if anyone actually cares ill explain it otherwise just call it an intersting idea thats not really practical but they could invent a hollywood way to make it work based enough in fact to make it cool just like everything else. one of the things i keep saying over and over that i really like about this new series is how they can explain kitts abilities in real current or soon to come techonolgy. but sue recycling spent energy isnt what a hybrid does. the hydrid cars has both a motor and an engine. motor is strictly electrical, engine is gas. its not a matter of symantics theyre night and day different. bascially, the motor runs low speed then around 20-25 mph the engine starts just like you starting your gas and engages the fuel system to make real power. cylinder deactivation isnt a new technology. cadillacs in (help me out - cant remember if it was 60s or 70s) had cylinder deactivation in the big block v8s. the problem was manifold carbeuration and chain valve gearing theres no way to stop the gas from going down the cylinders that were shut off and ruin the engine every time. well nowadays welcome computerized direct port fuel injection, computerized variable valve timing and lift, computerized variable cam timing, multiple oxygen sensors in the exhaust, computerized ignition coils firing the spark plugs, computer measured intake volume, lots of other cool things that go into it, basically the computer just measures throttle position (how far down youre pushing the gas) and then knows if youre driving level or want power. so you get to highway speeds on a level foot and any car with cylinder deactivation, not just hybirds, can turn off as many cylinders as it wants, stop firing as many cylinders as it wants to, cut the gas to them, or with hybrids shut down the engine completely and run the car off the motor till the battery gets low, turns the engine back on and uses the alternator to recharge the battery. theyre lithium ion batteries just like your cell phones or video camera or laptop. they have memory that know how long they last and how empty they are. the first generation hybirds were ni-cad (nickel cadium) which is your aa aaa c d e f g h i jk lmnop oops... yeah those crappy batteries you throw away when youre done. remember how useless those rechargable ones were? anyways lithium ion will last pretty much forever if you charge it all the way down before recharging it. if you just use it a little bit and stick it back on the charger youll slowly shorten the memory in it. but thats how hybrids work, not by pumping exhaust gases back into the intake to use the tiny bit of unburnt gas leftover in the exhaust. and the cylinder deactivation is one of the things i mentioned about the new camero coming out. the whole problem with that concept is that youre pumping all the exhausted elements back into the system is like 90 something percent hydrocarbons carbon monoxide. it would take up all the volume of the cylinders and not leave enough room for fresh oyxgen in the cylinder to burn the new gas being injected. it also raises the ambient intake air temp so high your you risk predetaonating the gas just by the heat of the engine before the spark plug even gets a chance to fire. when that happens the valves are open and you fry the valve seals and seats with the explosion. now there have been some tests done with recycling exhausted gases back into the intake system through activated carbon just like fish tanks but the system is so insanely complex and theres almost no gain. so we'll call it kitts solar power, which we both know you can cover your entire roof and only get enough power to heat a little bit of water. maybe his nanos do something super top secret to enhance the incoming radiation. dont know, dont care. im happy that im being given some kind of factual premise in current technology to that makes the story concept infinately more palatable. its a major upgrade from the 80s but ive already beat that subject to death

    so anyways my comment had nothing to do with not knowing about the story line, it was directed squarely at the gross mis/over use of product placement making it feel more like an infomercial than a sitcom. my dialog was actually based on the comment in the show youre talking about where kitt says he has to refuel then mikey asks about how he goes so far and into the cool solar power recycling. i'd like to see a jr kitt made out of one of those honda fcx hydrogren fuel cell cars. but its not economically viable for a nearly bankrupt company to invest in the r&d, meanwhile hondas been refining the technology for nearly 10 years and the reliability and mpg has gone through the roof in that time. so who do you think will be more reliable when its time to put it on open market? cause its ALLLLL gonna be patented and everyone elses are gonna be cheap copies with subpar technology until the patents wear off in 20 years at which time who cares itll be antique. and frankly, oil companies pay people to NOT research & develop alternative fuels. so as long as fords fronting the production bill were not gonna see a fuel cell car on knight rider until ford makes one, which isnt gonna be until gas stations start pumping hydrogen.

  • Sue

    I think he says he recycles his spent energy, like a hybrid, and also he is solar powered. I just noticed the auction number in this add is lot 665. If anyone remembers that is the number of the chandelier in Phantom of the Opera. “Lot 665 then a chandelier in pieces…”

  • Dominic

    I just Heard the News. It's great. Oh and Chris, If you're wondering how KITT drives so long without refueling to often is because KITT said and said it pretty fast that he's able to do 167 Miles to the gallon with his Solar power. I had the Closed Caption on my TV so I was able to see what he said.

  • Sue

    As far as I know no cable companies give neilson information due to privacy agreements with customers, but I could be wrong. I do know that Nielsen counts it as double if you record it because that must mean you really like it. Or at least that’s how it worked with VCRs. But keep watching it on-line, NBC must be counting those numbers. Or we could always all go out and buy fords. -Oh that comment will get you boys at it again wont it. Well I drive a hybrid, KITT’s a hybrid so he’s cool by me.

  • chris

    thats funny you actually brought up something i was wondering a few days ago - do motorola dvr digital cable converter boxes register neilson?? what if youre DVRing it instead of watching it live? thats kinda the same as the box is watching it right?

  • Sue

    yup! Wednesdays, that's what NBC has it slotted for anyway. Tell your friends, especially the ones with Nielsen boxes on their TVs :)

    Check out this link.

  • chris

    wednesdays this fall?? is it official?

  • Sue

    Thanks Rob and Dan for your positive comments! We need more of them on these sites. I can’t wait for Wednesdays this fall! Okay so you can all sit around and argue whose is bigger than whose but I think 3000 is handsome and has a good heart and that’s what I look for in a car. 2000 was a nice guy and all – but he’s a little old for me. Oh and Mike is rather hot himself. –Sorry Hoff.

  • liz

    Finally!!! someone agrees!!!

  • Lan

    Hey what happened to the sweepstakes that they had on the first day it came out. Its past two months after the Air of Knight Rider and no info about it. Hope they have say something.

  • Dominic

    My bad Chris. Good Point. Piece Out!!!

  • Victor Kros

    The two KITT's sold for 300,000.00 today at the Barret-Jackson auction.


  • True knight fan

    Just to inject a comment there was an episode called code of Vengeance was also known as dalton's code of vengeance. So if younow the mini series was called Mouth of the snake part 1.

  • chris

    Look Dom - I think we have a serious communication problem here brother.

    first of all - i said i liked the new one WAY more than the old one MANY times. i actually found this site cause i was trying to find out why i havent seen any episodes since the superbowl and here i am. in fact very disappointed there isnt any more and may not ever be. what i hate is product placement taking priority over the artistic vision of the storyline. and of course, believability of the story. i know tv runs by commercial sponsorship and we live in a world of tivo, so i dont even hate product placement as a general concept if it works right, but dont sell your soul and script around it. you make the products fit the script not the other way around. and pure laziness of the writers. let's say for the sake of entertainment i'll go ahead and buy the premise that kitt can't be busted up, since ive already been told how the nanobots work and i have to accecpt it to enjoy the program - its a very central feature to every episode ever made. now go to the final scene on the road where he parks sideways and has the bad guys suv crash into him???? give me a break. it didnt even budge... but chris come on it was in the script and he had to stop the bad guy somehow and be pussywhipped politically correct and not use any guns. how about this - an extra 2 seconds of thought could have said ok - cut the car sideways like that, let the suv hit him, push him into the guard rail where they both crash - the guard rails bent up, the bad guys truck totaled, kitts fine but not magically superglued down to the spot in road he stopped to block them. same ending, only extra 1 and half seconds of air time doesnt interfere with the program length. preserves the story, sticks to the premise kitt cant get busted up, makes it more believable and esasier to sell, and frankly a more exciting scene to watch. i dont know, maybe he nanobots on his tires too holding him down to the road.

    second - i dont know if youre doing it intentionally or you just didnt think it through, but youre comparing apples to oranges. honestly man - are you comparing a factory assembly line car to a limited edition, hand built, numbered car? that propagandas just not gonna fly with me. i'm not the ignorant mass who accecpts what i'm told and believes it without thinking it through for myself cause i read it somewhere someone else read it, sorry but the tail doesnt wag me. you wanna talk apples to apples, oranges to oranges, assembly lines cars to assembly line cars, and custom to custom? lets examine your horsepower arguement

    --2002 Trans am (final production year, 4th generation) - 5.7L V8 (that's a 350) with either 330 or 355HP depending on ram air, we'll say with, since the mustangs KR custom hood is opened up for ram air. lets match the hoods to each other - but wait - instead of letter air in the air scoop they stuck the heartbeat LED in the air scoop. just another genius move by the writers who could've put it 3 inches lower behind the grill. so call it 330 for the TA without ram air hood

    --or if you need REALLY new, the 5th gen camaros are coming out in 2009 on the traditional f body platform all the old camaros and TA and FB were built on - which in the real world 2009 means only a few months from now - july 08 they start rolling off the assembly line. EXTREMELY futuristic looks that beat the rustang in every concievable way, the engine is a full 6 litres (thats 364 CID) and FOUR HUNDRED HORSEPOWER. 6 speed gearbox. wait it gets better - how does kitt manage to drive for so long without refueling? well michael i run on pepsi and a combination of solar power AND GM's ACTIVE FUEL MANAGEMENT CYLINDER DEACTIVATION. see how nicely that would fit into an advertisement placed product.

    --2008 Ford Mustand GT (current year, 5th generation) - 4.6L V8 (a tiny 281 CID) DOHC - its sad that i actually have to point out that its DOHC but unless you get a high end model all youre getting is SOHC. which the highest production model is the GT, not the cobra for the 5th gens. they just took their "shelby cobra" and stuck a MUSTANG cobra badge on it - pretty sad. sorry but a carol shelby gt500 means something to me - and if doesnt mean anything to you you better go look it up cause i just saw one auction off for over half a million dollars 6 or 7 months ago. not a suped up one - an original. so - for the BEST production model mustang makes (GT)... the survery says???? only 300HP - and thats WITH something as advanced as variable camshaft timing. you want embarassing? your precious KR edition engine is STILL smaller - only 5.4L (330CID)

    --now that we've put that into correct context, put your custom exhaust pipes and whipple supercharger on ALL THREE cars and see which one comes out more powerful - and as the V8 guys say - theres no replacement for displacement dom. If david buschur can take a 140HP 2.0L inline 4 cylinder and make it run EIGHT SECOND QUARTER MILES at OVER A THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED HORSEPOWER i think we can squeeze a little bit out any engine thats triple that size.

    3 - shelby? are you kidding me? shelby hasnt been cool since REAL shelby cobra gt500 - NOT THE MUSTANG - the REAL shelby cobra gt500. calling ANY mustang that is an insult to the real car in the first place and second, how long ago was that? why dont we get a special golden lion edition of the "new" mustang. Have we forgotten the saleen mustangs from the previous generation? steve saleen did such an awsome job on the that the 7 liter v8 twin turbo saleen s7 he built for himself next became a legend smacking down lamborghinis. now 1 generation - just a few short years later - ford's too good for saleen?? the saleen mustangs were the only decent model mustangs that entire 4th generation

    4 - i said body - say it with me class - BODY BODY BODY. the final generation model trans am had a much hotter body than the new rustangs. This isn't real life man. I dont care if the 2002 TA/FB only had 25 horsepower in real life - its HOLLYWOOD - say it with me class - HOLLYWOOD. all they have to do is SAY it has 1500 horsepower and that they did bla bla bla to it and you will accecpt it in the context of the story line. youre not gonna fly out to hollywood after you watch the first episode and demand a dyno test. remember fast & the furious? paul walker's green 10 second eclipse? ever see the car for real? they had it at many national auto shows. no turbo - the turbo sounds were inserted by the movie studio. engine was stock bottom end and stock top end. behind the wheels were - are you ready for this?? - fake racing brake inserts - plastic insters of crossdrilled performance brakes, blocking the view of the real factory ones. you can buy em from pep boys for 20$. that 10 second machine that - what did that fbi agent say it cost? 80,000$? - is in real life that 140 horsepower 90second quarter car that buschur started out with. RS = rally sport = the BASE MODEL eclipse - 420B chrysler engine - you had to go the next model up to the GS grand sport to get the 4G63 mitsubishi engine in your mistubishi car. you know why its a 10 second car? BECAUSE ITS A MOVIE. because they told us it was and we took at face value and believed it because we know its only for entertainment. you dont watch independence day and go "wow golly gee wiz thats amazing they were able to find those UFOs to make this movie with. can you try to be that smart when youre watching something slightly more realistic thats still fiction? even vin diseal's 3rd gen rx7 - a ROTARY ENGINE - at the 1st drag race nighttime scene where theyre driving into the alley and DOM revs his engine - what did the brainiac sound engineers insert? a RECIPROCATING PISTON ENGINE going vroom vroom - not that patented weedwacker on crack sound rotary engines make. get the point yet dom? who cares what the car REALLY does. the car does what they tell us in the script it does. say it with me class - BODY BODY BODY BODY. .... and tradition. pick a cooler looking car than the rustang that would make ALL the fans happy - at least on that subject. the slightly older TA looks better than the new mustang, more powerful, and more believable that they had a few years to make it into KITT. or take your pick of the new camaro coming out in a couple months is way hotter. and just for you - both are more powerful no matter how many times i say it doesnt matter on tv. they have several concept camaros already built for car shows, press events, and movies like knight rider - can you say transformers? and not just the camaro - the bad guy robots were GM products.....

    ready for real life time? they probably actually did go to GM first but theyre in so much financial trouble they didnt want to give away their concept cars AND eat the entire production budget just for a little product placement. and god knows GM loves product placement, go back past transformers to... oh i dont know.... bad boys 2? the hummer h2, the caddy? 2 of the 3 main car chase scenes the movie was built around. or the highway chase in martix reloaded with nothing but GM on the highway. too old for you?? how about 2 hours before the new kight rider came on? the entire superbowl was brought to you by GM, every commercial break i had to watch commercials for their brand new escalade hybrid that they actually brag weighs over 800 pounds. my BS warning lights going crazy their damn hybrid actually gets the same gas milage as a regular suv because its so heavy. then when it was finally over they gave away one of these brand new escalade hybrids to a football player making EIGHT TO NINE FIGURE SALARY. well the superbowl is the guarenteed highest ratings event of the year, every year. and transformers? you know how much back end youre guarenteed to take off the toy manufacturing alone? even if it doesnt take off well enough to push the toys, box office and dvd sales points will make enough back to recoupe most of the expenses and warrant the exposure, with a guarenteed fan base and prior working relationship between GM and michael bay. but a long term commitment? the fan base is there but its just too risky. what about in a few years - if it lasts that long - we're talking about NBC here - and we want to phase it out and push something new? what if it just tanks alltogether and never gets airs past the 1st episode? there are no box office or dvd points to collect. too risky. for that matter what if we shop it out to NBC and they dont buy it and it never gets aired at all? will another network buy the pilot when NBC ran it originally? ok well, who can we go to now that GM said no... how about ford?

  • Dominic

    I already rated the SPECS on both the Shelby-Cobra KR Mustang and the Trans Am through and Google (sorry to copy cat TRUE KR FAN) and I'll tell you all right now, all you haters are a bunch of fools.

    The Firebird TA only outputs 310 horsepower and 340 lb. feet of torque. As for Shelby-Cobra "KR" edition of the Mustang, Ford is only hand-building 1000 of those retailing at 100K and outputs 540 Horsepower and 510 lb. feet of torque, which is more than I or any body could say for the Trans Am. You all need to recognize that "COBRA" is the ultimate Mustang. Not the Mustang GT.

    And besides, they don't even make the TA anymore. It'll probably be 2010 before we se another Trans Am. IF WE SEE ONE BY THEN. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not really a fan of Ford, BUT....if someone dropped the keys of a 500+ horsepower car on my lap, regardless of the brand, I wouldn't even hesitate driving it. My ass would already be in the car. So Chris, there's you're answer for ya.

    And if you all wanna think the show sucks or the car sucks, fine, go ahead, complain, wine, bitch, hate. Don't even waist your time to bother watching the show for you guys to find a reason to bitch. A lot more people than you know enjoyed the show a lot more than you think. All I care about is enjoying the show for what it's meant for.

    I'm done hear. PIECE OUT !!!!!

  • chris

    and while i'm thinking about KITT not having a cell phone (first paragraph).. a few episodes later - the one with the woman senator - the bad guy calls his boss from his car on a phone - a house phone with a wirethat could've easily been sold to the audience as a car phone or even a bag phone wif it wasnt a ridiculous house phone color. but kitt doesnt have that technology

  • chris

    wow where to start..... OK overall i liked it. There's a lot that i liked about it. The control panels look a lot smoother. well its a quarter century later we dont need to sell the computer gadget thing as hard - it can be suttle now computers are a normal part of our lives. Cell phones have been around since the 70's but i can remember early in the first season KITT had to get ahold of the foundation over his microwave radio - even though cell phones existed they werent common household knowledge.

    i like having reasonable explinations that i can swallow for the things the new car can do. i think its great they went there. the gps, nano technology, bla bla bla.

    i like the new AI. I'll be the only one here to say it - 80s kitt was WAY too prissy. no michael, please dont make me chase the bad guys i might break a nail.

    Hoff was nothing but good looks and one liners. no substance. i like the new guy much better already. younger i've seen some well choreographed fight scenes the guys looks natural doing. remember Hoff was suppossed to special forces too but remember seeing him fight?

    Now, yes im that jerk who's mad about the mustang. dont get me wrong ok, i don't want to see a 1982 TA in a 2008 tv show. you put a final year 2002 TA next to that crappy i wanna look like a 70s fastback mustang and tell me which is hotter - just plain body - anybody can do anything under the hood - especially in hollywood, forget that the TA starts out with MUCH larger engine factory. even go ahead and take a 1999 TA 30th anniversary edition and new KITT from that. thats not "OLD school" with the ridiculously capitalized OLD.

    you know what - i was cussing out my tv when the wife went "oh god you didnt use another trans am did you" - guess what - standing ovation by me when she got shot and died.

    I'm sorry but i'm suppossed to swallow that this scientist who doesnt have enough time for his family had enough time to build this 2008 car from scratch with everything it had in it??? seems to me a 1999 or 2002 anything - but lets say for the sake of arguement a TA - seems a lot easier to believe that the car was already done being built by superbowl 2008. or did they military build it for him and then let him take it home to play with? come on.

    Why was this piece of goverment property that costs as much as a fighter jet sitting in this guy's garage? cause it was in the script right? bad guy's cant break into a military base to kidnap the guy right? guy cant run through the woods to his ex-wifes house if hes already on a base? sure he can. gotta make the story work right? Ever heard of los alamos? all the scientists and their families lived there and worked there. I don't see f22 pilots taking home their jets and parking it in their driveways. hell - an MP with a $2 beretta has to turn his gun back in at the end of his shift. but i'm sure the goverment doesnt feel the need to protect its nuclear launch codes, technology, or investment - let the car take care of itself right?? i mean seriously, did they come with this during the writers strike? 20 minutes round table could've come up with a better plot that was a lot more believable and held continuity to the basis of the script as a whole.

    but between the show itself, the commercials disguised as a mini-show about a date, all the ford commercials in between, the ford trivia, i'd had enough in the first half hour to make me sick and want to turn it off. i got so sick of being force fed ford advertisements while sitting there going back to commercials and saying "but it just came back on" i sat there and timed the segments - 6 minutes show, 4 and half minutes commercials.

    I guess GM just didnt want to pay NBC eleventy billion dollars for the right to have their product placed where it belonged in the first place. And dont reply to me oh it wasnt nbc and it wasnt 11ty gazillion franks or any other like that its the principle not the details.

    bottom line is it IS a better show than the old one with a lot more potential if the writers dont get stupid trying to stretch the limits of the story or sell us something about KITTs technology thats just too ridiculous. It CAN be better - the original story was already worn out and repetitive by the end of the very first season. Hate me if you want i grew up on KR too and i still love it i'm an 80s kid. i got the dvds. As i'm sitting here tonight watching my DVDs of 1982 season 1 KITT interfacing with DMV computers? and then a minute later even worse - pulling records off a rental car company's credit card recipets. did they even have computers? or electronic phone line credit card machines? and the dmv on the internet? lol.... see but now it's believable. that's the beauty. now is the time for a new night rider. maybe I can hope for KARR to be a late model TA... yeah right. a car thats not in production any more buying product placement? what a shameful state the movie and TV industry is in as a whole. I'm suprised KITT doesn't magically run on pepsi. take off the badges.. are you joking? you know how much ford paid to put them there?

  • hey you brought this auction what about the car they said they were going to give away from the sweepstakes or quiz questions they were aking during the airing, anybody heard anything?

  • lchess


  • Knight Rider fan from the past

    i have been a true beleiver of the old code of the Knight Rider this new one sucks balls the car is all wrong and the whole feel of the show is wrong and the dummies that put this one together should have use some of the remains of the old show like the fact that the movie Kinght 2000 which you speak as if it were the vengence episode the new car that was put out and the KITT box and intel unit was installed into by Michal Knight himself was called the Knight Industies Four thousand nick named KIFT is you want to get all up in arms about something then figure out how they can call this one KITT when theres been a FOUR THOUSAND already the whole arguement over the number is mute it the whole show and the car i have the problem with they should put Michal Knight back in place of devon miles

  • Dan

    Get a grip, people. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Knight Rider fan, I'm even building my own, but lets get real. Just because the new body (or rather brother) of the Knight 2000 is a Mustang isn't the end of the world. I distinctly remember a body and steering yoke of a Knight Industries 2000 in a certain someone's garage in the new movie. Who's to say that in some future episode that this car, which is best explained as an as-yet-to-be-activated or mothballed version of a Knight 2000, or there was another car also purpose-built somewhere else in the land that has been mothballed recently, may make an appearance. (Maybe Ken Franklin didn't die--we know how secretive Wilton Knight was, and KITT and Michael have never been seen in an episode on the east coast) Open your minds a little bit, this new Knight 3000 might be just what the doctor ordered for law enforcement technology, as several malevolent entities had figured out with increasing regularity as how to defeat KITT's molecular bonded shell.

    Also, the 2000 could not do a chameleon act like the 3000, the technology did not exist until recently.

    I'm not a Ford man by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm also not stupid, either. If someone dropped a 500+ horse Mustang into my lap, I'd most certainly drive it, even if the 2000 was in my garage ready to roll. Why?

    I have children, and I love each in his or her own special fashion, for who they are as individuals, and I don't play favorites. I'm glad that they didn't use the original CPU in the new car, it would be a hard brain transplant to stomach.

    I think they did the right thing in making a complete new AI entity, and didn't pervert that which is still the original Knight 2000. Now there is a new baby in the garage, and I'll gladly simonize both with two coats, thank you very much.

  • V

    I was one to judge early but will have to say I'm impressed with the new Kitt.... As to the comment of emblems on the original true there were none one the TA but there were no Ford or Shelby emblems, only cobra in the grille, mustang in the rear and momo on the steering wheel as well as GT500KR in matte black on the side skirt of The new Kitt and in attack mode there are no emblems at all besides the steering wheel, just an all black car that kind of reminds me of the original. I for one hope it goes into production but bring back the semi for crying out loud!

    Besides comparing original Kitt to the new Kitt is like comparing an original apple to a modern super computer so I can see why Kitt got replaced .... I just hope he makes a real appearance in some future episode not just flying car parts that "us" the original fans can recognize as Kitt.

  • Ash

    Thanks for the clarification, Dave. I knew that there was no 'Code of Vengence' final episode of the original series, and I vaguely remember Voodoo Knight and its horrid disappointment. I, too, think that the new mustang KITT has potential... but I'll probably always have this nagging voice that says KITT will never be as cool without Daniels, and that this new KITT should have had the original KITT AI installed instead of a new one. As for the auction, I truly am glad that they are auctioning for charity, but I hope that this isn't an indication that the show may not go to series. I really want to see a Knight Rider for the current generation on tv!

  • damion

    I missed the first episode of knight rider in the 80's and now 25 years later i missed it again why meeeee.

  • liz

    you can watch both 80's and new series for free on i watch them all the time.

  • Dave

    I certainly don't want to start any arguments, but there was no episode called Code of Vengence. Code of Vengence was supposed to have been a spin-off series from the second season episode "Mouth of the Snake" which involved the operative that Michael met that was trained to use his body as a weapon. KITT wasn't destroyed in that episode. The final episode of the series was a mediocre episode called VooDoo Knight, where the Voodoo priestess is using specially designed earrings to hypnotize people into being supersoldiers. The only thing that is destroyed in that episode is RC III's motorcycle. In the movice, KR2000, KITT was destoyed by Maddox because he felt that the 2000's technology was too old to be of any use to FLAG. My opinion is the new car is cool and has a lot of potential. Peace out!!!!

  • neps

    TRUE KR FAN FROM THE PAST - what are you talking about? code of vengance had nothing to do with the events of the Knight Rider 2000 movie.


    Yeah I agree, but happened to the Trans Am was that some sort of advanced helicopter was shooting missiles at KITT While Michael and KITT were trying to escape it. KITT said to Michael "We will never survive a direct hit." One of the missiles made a direct hit on KITT and the Trans Am was DONE.

    It ended showing the Trans Am in pieces but, It also showed KITT's system and he was still alive while Michael was unconcious.

  • Lee

    TRUE KR FAN FROM THE PAST tell me about that Code Of Vengence episode? I can't find anything about it. What happened to the Trans Am exactly?

    I think Patrick was too busy moaning that the new KITT is a mustang like every other idiot who moans about it.


    NO NO no NO....Back Up, Back up. Patrick, you got it all wrong. Craimer built ANOTHER KITT. If you paid attention to the movie carefully, which obviously you didn't, they said that this new KITT is another KITT. NOT THE SAME ONE. On that 2 hour movie "Knight Rider 2000", the Trans Am was already destroyed from that 2 hour "Code of Vengence" episode from the last season of the old series. Michael Knight revamped KITT from the Trans Am and converted him into his '57 Chevy to keep him as his best friend while retired.

    This new KITT is Knight Industries 3000. The old KITT was Knight Industries 2000. That old KITT did not upgrade to 3000. The 3000 was made ANOTHER KITT. This new KITT would not have recognized Michael Knight.

    Mike Tracuer even asked Craimer in the movie "You mean there was another KITT?"

    They said towards the end of the movie that Craimer built another KITT a long time ago before this new KITT.....Did you not pay attention?

  • MSNBC45


    Maybe YOU should be the one who needs to listen! To quote your last sentence...What DID YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION??????????????

  • Patrick

    I like the new but they need to take of the badges because you never saw Pontiac or Trans Am badges on the original KITT the new car is nice and looks mean but they to keep the original voice they should never chabge that is KITT's personality and why is he just lerning about human behaviour all over again remember he just an upgrade software should almost the same just a few added extras and please get rid the areoplane kitt always came out of a semi not a plane remeber the failed attempt of TKR they all came from a plane and how long did that last.

  • Rob

    I understand that everyone is having a hard time dealing with the fact that KITT is a

    Mustang instead of a TA, but things change. Ya never know, they might just bring back the original KITT in the series sometime. They have all of the parts, remember the begining of the movie? We'll have to wait and see. Till then don't sweat it and wait.

  • max

    Does this phasing out of the cars mean they won't be making anymore knight rider?

    Just a paranoid thought.

  • John Horvatic

    I think the new car looks even better than the original! Besides there are no more Firebirds or Camaros, there OLD school.

  • Eamonn cullen

    you should have used the orignal car like the other remakes it wont be the same.

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