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Joe Huth, co-author of Knight Rider Legacy was visited by the company contracted by Universal to produce the DVDs on Friday, and he stopped by the board and sent us these pictures to tell us all about it!

Well - they ended up coming to interview me yesterday! They were all extremely nice and I really felt that they were interested in what I had to say. They first filmed about 15 minutes just of my car, then they set up in my house to interview me! Between the interviews and the set-ups/tear-downs, they were here about 4 hours! I did make the point to mention both and in my interview, as well as talk about all the fans and the stories they've written. I've got a few more details on the DVDs for you...the set will most likely be 5 disks, and they are really pushing for a nice package to put it in. It sounds like there will be a full length Pilot commentary from Hasselhoff and Larson, as well as possible intros by them for each episode. They will be making a nice, jam packed documentary complete with tons of behind the scenes photos that were in Universal's archives. I gave them a copy of the Blooper reels and he was extremely interested in having those on the DVDs - although they might hold off until a later season's release for that. I printed out a list of all the ideas for extra features that were posted on this board and gave it to them. I asked about a release date; he said it would most likely be late June/early July. I had a friend take a bunch of pics when they were here - I will get a few posted shortly!


Sounds like it has the potential to be an amazing set! We want to wish all the folks working very hard to make this possible the best of luck! We are all waiting on the edge of our seats for it!

Click the link below for some more images of Joe's Interview

With work on the first season dvds of knight rider underway, now is a perfect time to let your voice be heard as to what extras you would like to see on the disc. Be sure to visit this thread on our forums, and contribute your .02! Who knows, your idea just may make it into the set.

And be sure to sign the petition for Knight Rider on DVD, which wont stop until every season is released.

Attention all UK based fans! Bravo.Uk will be airing back episodes of Knight Rider, April 10th and 11th, from 12 to 7 on both days!

It is rumored that this will be coinciding with an announcement that is to take place around the same time, but as to what that announcement will be, it still is unclear.

Thanks to K.I.T.T, Skav and Sith!

It was revealed today by Knight Legacy co-author Joe Huth, that a DVD for season 1 of Knight Rider is in the works!
I am delighted to bring this awesome news to you. I was contacted last week by a company contracted by Universal Studios to release the first season of Knight Rider on DVD. I spoke with a producer out in California and they are flying out to interview me in the next week or so...I guess as a bonus feature! He and I discussed what extra features the fans would love to see and I pointed him in the right directions. Glen Larson and David Hasselhoff are both onboard to provide commentary. They are currently working on getting other people as well. He also told me that he dug through Universal's archives and found a bunch of never-before-released photos that he will work into the DVDs as well. As far as a release date - he says that this project is on the front burner and should be for sale later this year. If it sells well...we can look forward to each season on DVD before long! At this point, there's not much more that I can tell you...but at long last, Knight Rider IS coming to DVD! Please do not e-mail me with questions; when I have more news, I will post it here!
This is AMAZING news! Second only to the new movie in the works, this is the most exciting development in Knight Rider in a long time. This site will eagerly look forward to and support its pending release! Best luck to all involved on making the set a success!

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