If KITT sounded like Super Teddy...

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If KITT sounded like Super Teddy...

Post by KnightINSTINCT » Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:44 pm

A.I. was on TV this evening, and I was reminded by how much I enjoyed the character of Super Teddy. Though, he was not really played on screen as much as another side character (Giggalo Joe), his presence was always a cherishable joy on screen - making the moment each time....he reminded me of K.I.T.T..

I searched for the voice of Super Teddy, since I felt the actor that made the character sound like...well, like a lovable little teddy bear. And you know what? Jack Angel, who also played on the supporting cast role for the Transformers series in the 80's, did the part :D .............................................I suppose that's not really a big deal, but he sounded great in the movie.

Here is where I'm trying to get at: the script using Teddy was good, only because when they did use him, it was a focused feature just on him. Would it have hurt the movie if they featured more of Teddy? It would had made A.I. seem more like a kid friendly movie, that's for sure. And regardless, for only maybe about ten good minutes do we actually get to see him on screen interacting, he made us love him. You know, back in 2001 when I first saw this movie, I thought how great would it be to have K.I.T.T. one day in a new reincarnation sound just like Super Teddy. The soft and to the point dialogue that Super Teddy used, mixed in with the metallic sound effect that made him sound more artificial was just perfect. ...WE ALMOST HAD THAT WITH KR08. You all know how KITT in the ad teasers carried that same sound effect over the voice, and how plain and simple KITT acted (most of the time) with Mike..geez, it was there! But one thing we had gripes over was who portrayed KITT. It goes to show you that a genuine character must have a genuine voice. Would Jack Angel make a good KITT? I don't know....I mean, I like the sound of Jack Angel because of how he complimented the fuzzy bear with a fuzzy growly voice. Did Val Kilmer make a good KITT? We all had to grow into the acceptance of him playing the part, but we always had a problem with how boring and monotone he sounded (blame it on the script dialogue or the actor, you decide).

So, if by some divine miracle Knight Rider gets yet another chance in some other form, I hope that there will be some kind attention to what makes a character that has no voice of it's own.