story title: KnightRider- "Assimilation"

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story title: KnightRider- "Assimilation"

Post by T.A.H.O.E. » Wed Dec 26, 2007 1:20 pm

just got a burst of creative energy...! & I'm going with it & sharing it here....


story line : KITT gets a new upgrade of everything & MBS is redoubled ( his body stays close to the same-tho spm develops a fault-potentially fatal flaw) by Bonnie....Michael finds the plans for K3 & both He & Devon give it a test mission,to infiltrate a lesser known Flag site on the east Coast. only to find that K3 is an A.I. who can overide almost all computer,a.i. units...and with the help of its driver-a mole in Flag, steals the new prototype K3 system,copies,then gets it developed covertly by NASA,CIA,the Military from-at the Skunkworks...but due to a component error,it runs amok after gaining control of most gps-navigation aid for all travel,planes,trains,trucks,bridges,some boats & it takes KITT/MICHAEL/company a change of tatics & old school trickery to stop it.
( yeh,I know what your thinking-but even I don't know how it''ll turn out--yet-! ---no re-hash here! )

( THE K3 bodydesign closely resembles a Lamborghini re-evolution-Diablo / I hope I got it right )
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