Ideas for "Knight Rider 2010" remake fanfic.

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Ideas for "Knight Rider 2010" remake fanfic.

Post by CB2001 » Mon Aug 26, 2002 1:51 pm

Here some ideas for a "Knight Rider 2010" fan fiction remake. Some of the ideas stay open, that it could be filled in like a series later on. The reason why I decided to post this is because many felt that the original version sucked, and that it didn't have anything to do with any of the previous Knight Rider shows. Of course, there's no way to please those who are die-hard fans like Michael Pajaro (I'm not slaming you, man, I'm just using you as an example). Since I felt that the KR2010 movie wasn't half bad, that the best way to at least fix SOME of the problems that the movie had (like no connection to any of the show or the TV movie, and the fact the story was a bit weak) is for a fan or a bunch of fans to fix it. However, I feel that if there is anyone who can fix writing wise, it's the fan fiction writers who are at least willing to try it at least one time. Please excuse me if I have posted this before (because I have just recently had deja vue while typing this out). Here we go:

Title: Knight Rider 2010 - Phoenix Rising Again
Plot: Charlie Knight (the grandson of Michael Knight) is a wheelman for hire in the wasteland future, it being the result of the U.S. Government falling apart in some areas. After the death of his foster father, Charlie begins a crusade with the use of a car constructed from parts of the forgotten Knight Industires Two Thousand, and a computer system with an AI of his dead girlfriend.

Cast of Characters:
1. Charlie Logan/Charlie Knight (replacing the McQueen character in the movie)- Grand son of Michael Knight, the best wheelman for hire. Often transports people across the Mexican/American border, or often hired for races. Is known well for his reputation and his wild life in the past.

2. Hannah McPherison (same as before in movie, only with a last night that is different)- Hannah (whose great-aunt happens to be April from Season 3 of the original show), is a game programmer working on an experimental gaming system. Used to be lovers with Charlie back when they were younger. Due to the man who has recently hired her to make a video game based on Charlie's experiences in being a wheelman, she is killed in cyberspace and her personality is pretained in the prism that holds the program. She is later installed into Charlie's car to replace the main processor of the Knight 2000 system.

3. Gregg Logan (slightly updated and some the same as the movie)- Foster brother of Charlie, works as a Marshal of the wastelands. And then he accepts his brother's help at upholding the law.

4. Steve Furlong (slightly updated and some the same as the movie)- A mechanical genius who works on Charlie's car and helps build the new one (Also a distant relative of Bonnie Barstow, the woman who helped built and program KITT). When Charlie comes to him to help build a new car to seek vengence against Hannah's employer, he uses parts from KITT to make the car as well as the original diagrams (which he found on an old laptop computer).

5. Jesse Rossdale (same as before in the movie)- Meets Charlie in the back of a Prisoner hauler, having to been responsible for the stealing of Bruce Springstein's guitar. Works as a gun for hire and backup for Charlie (I couldn't remember the original character's name, but he is played by Nick Katt aka Nicky Katt).

6. Mr. Edward Fallida (updated from the character in movie, including outside appearance)- Mr. Fallida is a business whose major income is through crime and disorder. He hires Hannah to make a game based on Charlie (in all reality, he wanted Hannah). But after a failed attempt to lure her into his love life, he hacks into her gaming system while she is test it and kills her. Has various people working for him in the desert wasteland. (The best actor for him is the bad guy with long hair from the movie "The Crow").

History of U.S. (After events in KR2000)-
1. Even though tried, the U.S. Government begins to crumble after events of September 11th. Foundation for Law and Government sets up branches in New York, Seattle, Chicago, Tallahassee and Dallas.
2. October 12, 2003- Another attack on U.S., this time destroying the White House. This triggers a massive riot throughout the entire country.
3. July 16, 2004- The U.S. tries to gain control over all cities again, but only manages to capture a few.
4. August 9th, 2004- Knight Industries and The Foundation for Law and Government loses funding, files for bankrupcy and closes down. KITT in KIFT body stored in an undisclosed location. Only person to know where dies two months later, taking the secret with him.
5. February 20, 2005- Charlie Logan makes himself a legend with "The Freedom Run", which he hauled over 50 people in a semi truck from a prison camp set up by Neo-Nazis in Toronto, Canada to America.
6. October 19, 2007- Scientists discover that hole in O-Zone layer has gotten bigger instead of closing up as predicted, forcing people to wear a LOT of sunblock and to stay inside cooled environments.
7. May 13, 2010- Events in story take place.

Ideas for story:
1. Steve discovers a laptop which has KITT's original diagrams with an update last done 10/2/83 (the computer apparently not getting the update of KITT's systems and options from Season 4). However, after tracking down the information, he discovers that Charlie, Hannah and himself had relatives that worked for Knight Industries.
2. Also from the information Steve comes across, he finds out the location of several crated parts from KITT, including the original parts of the Trans-Am that were taken out to be replaced by the technology for the upgrade into KITT (basically, it explains why there were regular car parts visible in one of the crates when Michael and Devon discover that KITT was dismantaled and parts sold in KR2000, which apparenttly was one of the crates brought in from storage).
3. Since the engine left by Charlie's foster father will not fit into any 1980 year model Trans-Am (Steve suggested using a Trans Am body for the parts like Knight Industries did), Charlie suggests placing it into a slightly modified 2000 Trans-Am body instead.
4. Steve uses the MBS formula that was also on the laptop to cover the entire body of the car.
5. Some of the systems (Microlock, Blood Analyzer, Trajectory Guidance, Spectrograph, etc) cannot function for the fact that they ran through KITT's main processor, and without that they can never work properly (KITT was installed into KIFT's body and the only person who knew where KITT was is dead, therefore no KITT and no functions). This is later resolved when Hannah's prism and gaming system is installed into the car, replacing the Knight 2000 processor.
6. Jesse gets the Pontiac Trans Am confused with the Chevy Corvette most of the time in the story.

Ideas for Series:
1. Mr. Fallida finds out about KARR and installs him into a customized armored Hummer-like vehicle in order to hunt down and destroy Charlie.
2. During one of the later stories, KITT's location is discovered and Steve retrieves him. However, it appears that KITT shorted out sometime near the ending of his mission, and it would take a year or so to find the parts to replace the shorted out ones for him to be activated.
3. Charlie begins to dive deeper into his family's past to find out as much as he can on Michael Knight and his involvement with The Foundation for Law and Government.

Quotes for first story:
Charlie: And this car was state of the art in THAT time? Why in hell would someone want to dismantel it?
Steve: Just like big business today, Charlie, when something new comes along, they find old things obsolete. That or the guy who ordered this thing to be dismanteled was a real self-loathing prick.

Hannah: Why did you break up with me?
Charlie: I was scared.
Hannah: Of what?
Charlie: Of getting old.

Hannah (in car): What I wouldn't give for a cocktail right now.

Hannah (in car): When I was human, I worried about having a bad hair day. Now, I just have to worry about getting rusty.

Charlie: If you weren't a car, I'd kiss you!
Hannah (in car): Not that me being a car would stop you anyway.

Mr. Fallida: My father was a good old bad guy. He didn't agree with his father's idea of "right and wrong" and believed in this fact: There's no such thing as right and wrong anymore.

Jesse: So, you built a computer into a Corvette?
Steve: No. Into a Trans Am.
Jesse: Aren't they owned by the same company?

Charlie: Look on the bright side. At least I didn't add fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror.
Hannah (in car): Ah, fuzzy dice. Next best thing to a thong bikini.

Hannah (in car): You know, Charlie, you look a lot taller from this angle.

Charlie: Are you okay?
Hannah (in car): I'm upside-down, Knight, what do you think?

Steve: Hannah, come on inside the garade. I need to give the engine a tune up and a lube job.
Hannah (in car): (sarcastically) Oh baby, oh baby! Why does that sound like foreplay to me?

Charlie: Hannah, how do you feel about talking cars?
Hannah (in car): Well, I think there's no such thing as a smart ass car, if you want to know the truth.

Hannah (in car): Typical male. Throughout all the things he had to say, he had to tell me to wait in the car.

That's all. If anyone is interested in taking this off my hands, don't be afraid to let me know. I would work on this myself, but I'm currently working on another fanfic series.

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Ideas for "Knight Rider 2010" remake fanfic.

Post by jup » Mon Aug 26, 2002 11:18 pm

Sounds like a great idea.

Good luck with the project!

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Ideas for "Knight Rider 2010" remake fanfic.

Post by CB2001 » Tue Aug 27, 2002 12:29 am

Jup- You mean "Good luck to the writer who chooses to do it."

But if you mean the fanfic series I'm working on which will not allow me to be able to do the remake of KR2010, than thank you. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

And thank you for your thoughts about the idea.