NBC seems to have [supposedly] announced a Miami Vice reboot

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NBC seems to have [supposedly] announced a Miami Vice reboot

Post by Assasinge » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:40 pm

I know this isn't Knight Rider related, but from this article here, it now seems that they are attempting to reboot Miami Vice? I for one am a huge fan of the original series, and a stark hater of the 2006 reboot, but I find it quite odd how the reboot for Knight Rider was announced a little over a year ago, and we still don't have any news on it, but now NBC is trying to reboot MV 30 something years later. What I'm trying to say is, knowing how badly KR 08 failed, I don't know why they keep rebooting these shows, other than the sole purpose of gaining viewers and making money. I also believe there was a McGyver reboot too? Don't know about that one but the original show was pretty badass.

Anyway, bottom line is, as much as I'm (slightly) excited for this reboot, I think NBC has to stop entirely with these reboots. And maybe not just NBC, but any reboots of the shows from decades ago should probably not be bothered with. There comes a time when, you simply have to accept the fact that for its time, the show was amazing, captured viewer's attention and hearts, and kept thriving on TV, but, and I quote the Oracle from the Matrix here: "Everything that has a beginning has an end." And that is, sadly true. The shows have come, and now they're gone. We all want to see a KR reboot true to its core, but now it's 2017, we have several world issues to focus on, and the entertainment industry is simply not the same it was 30 years ago. And I'm sure we can all speak for ourselves there, in some way shape or form, including gaming. I'm not against this reboot or the KR reboot (that we still have no news on) but I'm just saying, maybe it's time to just move on. We've all here yearning for a reboot of this, and that but when it happens, it's rarely ever successful, and when it is, we want more or it doesn't last long enough. Anyway, I'm just saying we shouldn't be getting our hopes high up anymore for these "reboots" that keep happening every so often, because some don't happen, some happen and fail, and some happen and work and then disappear too soon. Again, I'm not against the reboots, just saying keep your heads low around here. Just feeling that it is probably better for a reboot to not happen, as to have them happen and fail like KR has in the past three times. Why not go ahead and reboot something more recent, at the very least?

History just really hasn't been kind to reboots in the past, so I'm not super excited for this one or the KR one, but again, we'll have to see. I am certainly open to suggestions and a change of view here, this is just my two cents here on this topic in general.

Link to article: http://www.spoilertv.com/2017/07/miami- ... t-nbc.html
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Re: NBC seems to have [supposedly] announced a Miami Vice reboot

Post by james olden » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:58 pm

In my opinion if they do this they should do a full line up sequel shows to the 80s tv shows line up

1.Miami vice should be a sequel series - Sonny Crockett decided to stay in Miami after Rico tubes left Miami and moved back to New York (sonny is now rank of captain of Miami dale pd,while Rico (recently promoted to captain of Nypd) moved back to Miami to transfer to the Miami dale pd).Sonny has calmed down,married and now living in a actual house.
While the show I'll be mainly focused on sonny son billy Crockett is now vice detective sergeant (living on a boat with Sonnys alligator Elvis) and has a new partner which is Rico tubss son who survived the explosion in the original series. Castillo is now Chief of police.

2.knight rider should be a reboot sequel to continue after 1986 (the original series)
Kitt should be a 2018 Camaro

3.the A Team should be a full reboot (not a sequel series)
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