I saw Knight Rider: TOS on TV 1st time! Where and comentary

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I saw Knight Rider: TOS on TV 1st time! Where and comentary

Post by SacValleyDweller » Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:30 am

Hey all. dunno if any of you know this but there is a cable/satellite channel called Sleuth (Dish Network channel 198). In the wee hours of the morning (east coast) or about 9, 10, 11 o'clock pacific on various days, they show reruns of Knight Tider: TOS

You can search the schedule for it here.

The episodes I saw were White Bird and Knight Moves

Anyway, TOS is defiantly a different show than KR 08! Just Michael Long(Knight), that British guy, and the woman are all that comprise the team! Long is more on his own that Traceur, who often seems to have a partner from HQ. The dynamic between Long and Ki2t is different and more of a camaraderie, with Long comfortable enough to call Ki2t "good buddy" and seeming to enjoy Ki2t's company on the road more than Traceur enjoys that of Ki3t.

Of course, Ki2t can do less than Ki3t, yet he's still is an incredible machine! He had sensors enough to detect things, like people nearby and a bomb on a guy's carfrom about 100ft away! How would that be possible, even with TODAY"S tech?

And, William Daniels, portrayer of Feeny on Boy Meets World, was the voice of Ki2t!