Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • Tom

    Here's a link if you want to watch Knight Rider 2000 online.

    I just watched it, ( on the 9th April 2015) it goes for 94 minutes, Its has a bit more of a grittier tone than the original series and I would have liked to see KITT in action more. but on the whole not too bad.


  • Guest

    heres a link to watch the entire knight rider 2000 movie online.
    I just did, runs for 94 mins. Its has a bit more of gritty story line than the original series. Not bad in its own right though.

  • KNIGHT RIDER was one of the most thrilling shows of the 80s.i loved that action packed show.

  • knightrider was one of the most coolest show of the 80s. I LOVED THAT ACTION PACKED SHOW!!

  • wut time is the night rider 2ooo on to night

  • David Conway

    i   just  wish  we   had  more episodes  just   from  the  original  knight   rider ,  love   david  conway

  • Thomas Sutherland

    i love KITT,love film,i've got the film back!

  • Tunahan

    I'm türk but i love knight rider when i watch the film i don't understand very well 

  • abcdefgaaa

     love KITT,I love the film! I want the film back!

  • Lee

    I love KITT,I love the film! I want the film back!

  • Aaroncassidy

    i love knight rider 200 it so good to see but i dont lick kitt in red just black

  • Gamesalot Co 2010

    you can also download it for free on if you have a download manager

  • Drago

    i love kit and mike there awsome

  • michael

    does anyone know what episode kitt raced a red wide body porsche it was actually a kit car i purchased in an auction i would like copy of eppisode i candbe reached at pics of car which i have made into full show car can be seen on my facebook page...michael sousa

  • Malika Thilina

    what is the real car model of K.I.T.T.


  • Eric

    Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am

  • steveotundo

    can i be in a position to purchase the knight rider car

  • Karen

    i wonder how long the movie is ? i can't seem to find out anywhere.

  • Eric

    It is about 2 hours long. Not bad, not great, nothing like the original series at all, no great stunts or real car action, but ok as a stand alone. At least Edward Mulhare, David Hasselhoff and KITT all star in the movie. Absent are Patricia McPherson or her replacement after the 1st season.

  • alexia98

    I'm crazy about alessia Knigt Rider
    please can you help me?
    many rounds are there in Knight Rider?

  • alexia98

    how lucky you are British!
    but I'm Italian!
    you like Knight Rider?

  • Adrian

    you can get a copy of the film if you buy the dvd original series 1st season

  • scott04

    Witch disk is the movie on

  • Eric

    It is disc 5, a stand alone disc in the 1st season DVD compilation.

  • tim

    how can i buy a copy of knight rider 2000 film

  • Geoff J.Brown

    Buy Knight Rider:The Complete Collection.

  • Aydan9878

    If you buy Season 1 of Knight Rider (original) then as a Bonus Feature, The Knight Rider 2000 Film comes with it. It's a great movie but doesn't stick to the whole "Knight Industries" idea. It's more a less "FLAG" based.

  • free


  • Dgjhgfh

    it in knight rider season 1 complete dvd set

  • Eric

    Buy the 1st season of Knight Rider on DVD, it is on a bonus disc in that first season compilation. It is available at

  • Glenn Savage

    Easy. I have a DVD boxset that contains every episode of the original series and the Knight Rider 2000 film. Buy that.

  • KatanaBurner

    And where does one go to buy that?

  • Eric is your best bet, not many out there on the market anymore. But to get the movie, all you have to get is the 1st season compilation. It is the bonus disc included in that set.

  • Sarah Phillips

    If you have an ipod/mp3 player you can download it onto it.

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Knight Rider 2000

Original Airdate:
May 19, 1991
‹ prev episode  |  ^ season home  |  


On the edge of loosing a local government contract, the Foundation and Devon recall Michael from retirement to oversee the completion of the Knight 4000. In a town where handguns are outlawed, crime has become rampant, and the current system of freezing convicts is not working. Michael returns on one condition, to reunited with his friend KITT. Sadly, KITT has been dismantled and the parts sold by Russell Maddock the new head of the Foundation. Devon manages to recover all but one chip which has been implanted in the head of Shawn McCormick, a female cop whose brain was destroyed by a bullet. He and Shawn, who has a chip on her shoulder as well as in her head, are teamed to stop the current handgun situation where they discover the hidden secrets of the local police department and restore KITT into a new vehicle.


Michael Knight.........David Hasselhoff

Devon..................Edward Mulhare

Voice of Kitt..........William Daniels

Shawn McCormick........Susan Norman

Kurt...................Eugene Clark

Maddock................Carmen Argenziano

Maria..................Megan Butler

James Doohan...........self

Andrew.................Chris Bonno

Prison Guard...........Robert F. Cowley

Charlie................Phillip Hafer

Bag lady...............Carolyn G. Jackson

Police Officer.........Ron Jackson

Sandy..................Stacy Lundgren

Shawn's Father.........Matt Menger

Business Manager.......Paul Menzel

Medical Tech...........J.W. Moore

Warehouse Clerk........Edwin Neal

Police Sergeant........Marco Perella

Mayor Cottam...........Ellis Posey

Fellow Cop.............Larry Roop

Lori...................Lori Swierski

.......................Christine Healy

Music by Jan Hammer