Knight Rider (1982-1986)
image from episode teaser


-Charles Picerni, the man who drives the pickup that K.I.T.T. jumps over near the end of the episode, is a member of Knight Rider’s stunt team. He appears in a bigger role as William Donner in “White Bird”.


-Throughout most of the climax of this episode, K.I.T.T. is missing his turn signal blackouts on either side of the scanner.

A Nice Indecent Little Town

season one episode: 16
Original Airdate:
February 18, 1983


The trail of a counterfeiter leads to a sleepy little village that not only appears to be harboring the criminal he's after but is also under the eye of the CIA.


Norman Burton (Charles Barnswell), John Crawford (Sheriff Moore), Jean Bruce Scott (Jobina Bruce), Eric Server (Agent Peter Larkin), Amzie Strickland (Martha Haberstraw), Luke Askew (Ron Austin), Charles Bartlett (Deputy Hanks), Stacy MacGregor (Deputy Cole), Charles Picerni (Produce Driver)


Robert Foster (Executive Producer), Joel Rogosin (Supervising Producer), Steven E. de Souza (Producer), Gian R. Grimaldi (Coordinating Producer), Gilbert Bettman (Associate Producer), Bernadette Joyce (Associate Producer), Robert Ewing (Associate Producer), David Braff (Executive Script Consultant), William Schmidt (Story Editor), Don Peake (Music), H. John Penner (Director of Photography), Russell Smith (Art Director), R. Lynn Smartt (Set Decoration), April Webster (Casting), Lawrence J. Vallario (Film Editor), Stan Gordon (Sound), Ron Martinez (Unit Production Manager), Charles Watson Sanford, Jr. (1st Assistant Director), Don Edward Wilkerson (2nd Assistant Director), Walt Jenevein (Sound Effects Editor), Richard Lapham (Music Editor), Nancy McArdle (Costume Designer), Gil Loe (Costume Supervisor), Robert Bralver ( 2nd Unit Director-Stunt Coordinator)<