Michael & Bonnie's relationship - analysis

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Michael & Bonnie's relationship - analysis

Post by michael147 » Sun Nov 08, 2020 12:21 pm

I have quite a few notes about Michael & Bonnie's relationship.

1. Michael asked Bonnie out. That was in the episode where she called him a 'yo-yo'. At the same scene he asked KITT not to take advantage of her that night. Why? His face expression was serious at that moment, so he wasn't joking. It meant that Michael wanted her at that moment.

2. Hearing about Stevie for the first time was very difficult for Bonnie. But words also didn't come easy for Michael. Both really struggled to tear their present world. He was so sweet in trying not to hurt her feelings that he exposed his love for Bonnie which really was on par with his love for Stevie or quite close to its level. Bonnie expressed that she was sorry. For what? Just for asking 'Who is Stephanie Mason?' For being demanding in it? Why did she even ask such question only about Stephanie and not other pretty girl Michael met on his missions? Why was she so heartbroken? The answer is clear - she loved him at full throttle and she felt that with Stevie it was something serious that was worth her attention.

3. Imagine you love somebody, but he/she has a relationship with another person. What would you do? You can a) fight for him/her to get your loved one anyway; b) get rid of your love by something healthy as psychologist or a new partner, or something worse as alcohol and/or drugs, or even get rid of your own life; c) continue to love your partner but now by arranging his/her happiness even with your heart broken. In the last case your love would be proven to be the strongest because inside you still suffer from the pain in your heart, but now it is for the sake of your partner's happiness. And that was the exact Bonnie's choice. Since she met Stephanie, she started to give her support on her own. The sweet scenes with both females started to appear in the 'White Bird' and continued up to Michael and Stevie's marriage in the 'Scent of Roses' where Bonnie came that far with arranging their wedding and being with Stevie at her final preparations. If you think that Bonnie stopped to love Michael, look at her attentively while watching these two episodes. She was still very concerned for him when he left Devon's office in the first one and when he got treatment in a hospital in the second.

4. This one is the natural consequence of the third. With all Bonnie's care for Michael and her late wife, what an universe did she then mean for him? After Stevie's death she naturally became almost everything. The Bonnie's influence on Michael that has started with KITT, continued by 'The Nut Behind The Wheels', all the looks, the jokes, the hugs (I didn't count them, but it looks like she was the champion in this aspect), crossed arms, working together, arrangement of his wedding, etc. was enormous. Even Stephanie had less influence on him. Yeah, he didn't kiss Bonnie's lips or made love to her on-screen but on the whole their feelings were the highest possible form of love, especially from her side. Maybe here an irony was hidden - Michael could kiss many girls, date them, even make love to them, but the one that loved him the most always had trust for him and knew he would come back to her - the trust which didn't rust and he really came back.

5. While being in KITT with Bonnie, Michael was self-ironic as he saw a pretty girl crossing the street. This self-irony made them both smile. At that moment it looked like Michael and Bonnie were really in a romantic relationship. It was further proved by them walking with their arms crossed.

6. Each time Bonnie was in danger, it drove Michael mad. We see his rage at his confrontation with her employee at the season 3 start and his emotions in the 'Sky Knight'. Furthermore, in the latter episode, when Bonnie was held hostage, he looked frightened which rarely happened. It was because he was afraid of losing her. At the same time Bonnie's anger showed up when Michael's name was mentioned by one of the burglars in 'Trust Doesn't Rust'.

7. Despite the first encounter with Stevie in the series, Michael completely forgot his day-off and spent much time with Bonnie at the time of Halloween. At that moment she needed a lot of care. Michael gave a bunch of flowers to Bonnie (if I remember correctly, he never gave flowers to Stevie), leaned towards her asking if she was okay, touched her shoulders with both hands, her face and hugged her trying to calm her down - he was sweet with her. He even cared for a little comfort for her as he prompted her to take tissues because she had a cold. On the other hand, Bonnie cried only Michael's name in fright despite the fact that she had a date.

8. Michael and Bonnie were playful with each other on several occasions. We can see it at their reunion in the university and his playful 'Love you too' when she threatenened him about the consequences of damaging KITT. Bonnie was playful on girls subject in the 'Ice Bandits' and the 'Knight At Retreat'.

9. As I mentioned it in 8, Michael confessed his love to Bonnie two times - for the first time it was done in a playful manner. But his second such confession was more serious.

10. One of the 'unforced' events that proved the ongoing romance between Michael and Bonnie was posing for a photo with a trophy after he had won it in a race. Usually, there is a tradition for the winner of an event to pose with the loved one. And Bonnie not only was standing next to him, but she also was touching him. Furthermore, the way they were looking at each other after it was too sweet - they were happy as a couple.

11. The events in the 'Junk Yard Dog' where KITT was almost completely destroyed by acid made the love between Michael and Bonnie more evident, especially while they were looking at each other. It was another time of Bonnie seeing Michael's deeper care for her and for KITT and being considerate to him. It was also the moment when Michael recognised how good she was. Both things touched Bonnie. Besides, some small moments of care like Michael offering her some coffee and she asking him to go and get some sleep occured. More importantly, the bond between them was growing while they working together on the KITT's perfect shape. She was happy then as it was the Michael whom she always lacked - her assistant and not her trouble, caring and not careless.

12. As I said earlier Michael and Bonnie shared an excessive amount of hugs. But not only them. They also shared an excessive amount of touches, shockingly including Michael's cuddling on several occasions.

13. Either Michael and Bonnie were able to override each other's choices. Michael changed Bonnie's seat to non-smoking in the 'Sky Knight', while Bonnie successfully convinced him to help Josh in the 'Knight Song'. Besides, Bonnie was seeking Michael's agreement to recommend Elliott and she got it.

14. In the episode 'Knight In Retreat' Michael and Bonnie had a date on the territory of the recent Retreat. They were walking alone leisurely and talking. Michael weirdly confessed to her that there was no big deal in pretty girls running around in bikinis and catering every need'. Along with his joke about a couple hours speech on the subject, it can only mean that he would rather prefer her and not them. Besides, their date was intensified by their cuddling.

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