The world of 'Computer learning' is getting very interesting. So what did Knight Rider predict?

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The world of 'Computer learning' is getting very interesting. So what did Knight Rider predict?

Post by jup » Fri Oct 06, 2023 5:51 am

Sure. We all know that Kitt could talk, drive and jump over tall buildings in a single bound. But, what about the smaller things that are coming true in modern times?

[youtube][/youtube] (Perhaps, the YT tag no longer works?)

I have been keeping a bit of an eye on the development of current AI progress. And as i was watching videos like this, I can't help but ponder just what the show has gotten right.

GPS... literally an oldie.
Self driving. These modern cars are getting better at it with every passing month.
Alternative fuels. Not like that's a new topic. But with today's push to get away from gas and find an alternative...

But, I'm thinking like how this video starts with the AI refusing to identify a set of characters that might be seen in a bot test thing. The video states that with a bit of editing and a sob story, the AI was more responsive. Which reminded me of the time when Michael went undercover as an outlaw to the Foundation. He pleads with Kitt... whom should have denied him engine control. And yet... we got a form of AI sympathy like was seen in the video.

Or, how about this new ChatGPT vision. Someone gave it an elementary schooler's math question page and the bot solved all the basic math on said page. Reminds me of a little scene where Kitt is challenged by a kid to do school work.

Computer voice. There is a scene where Kitt is griping about their current state of artificial voices when a call has to be made. Reminds me of how our DeepFake can literally start sounding like anyone vs. how computer voices of just a few years ago sound so flat and struggle to sound alive. Which also reminds me of...

Delayed voice. Currently, when an AI is being chatted with, it has a bit of a delay. Kind of reminds me of when Kitt is being rebuilt and he has a few seconds of delay between responses. Kind of like if Kitt's mind wasn't localized and going through buffering... much like a modern remote AI. (Give it a few years, RetroRecipes. Maybe your AI Kitt can have an onboard ChatGPT that responds quickly over that smartphone deal.)

Image recognition. I'm reminded of at least a couple scenes. Like the time when Kitt takes on a contest challenge and wins car accessories by solving the word puzzles. It sure does seem like these new AI models are doing that and more. Or what about the tine in San Francisco when Kitt doesn't recognize what a Cable Car is. Yet that the people are hanging off of it. Looks like Bonnie forgot to train Kitt on that type of unique ride. And yet, this seems to be a part of how these modern AI's work.

Remote servers. Yes. I think we all know that Kitt was contained onboard. There was the occasional hint as to how much RAM and ROM Kitt had. However, there was also at least one mention of a constant carrier wave to the HQ... and I don't think we knew what for. But it sure does seem like today's AI's are as remotely hosted with a bit of localized connections.

Keyless entry. I had a chance to rent a modern vehicle. Drove me nuts trying to secure the thing at a motel and it acted like Kitt's fingerprint reader and kept letting me open the door. But this is drifting from the topic a little.

Facial recognition. Remember the time when Kitt attempted to read Bonnie's face, but thanks to limited camera technology, the resolution was too poor to tell that it was a Halloween mask? Looks like today's cameras can give our modern AI's a fighting chance at facial recognition. As stated in the video, where it identifies all the celebrities.

Kitt's "brain" in a box. Our modern technology can pack a lot into very little space. Back then, that was really far thinking as their computer's were packing KB's into that small of a space.

Video conferencing. Well... check.

AI creativity. There was the time when Kitt had to get... 'mildly' creative and play the part of an alien. AI creativity sure seems to be brimming at the seams, already. And it is so much deeper then 'Object D123' randomly placed into 'Scene D456'. (Been playing with a local download art ai for the last week. It 'almost' grasps that hands have five fingers and how things flow together with things. It even chose to put a couple words in... and spelled correctly.)

I'm sure that there are a lot more little things that KR predicted about that are coming true, right now. I only hope that we never start seeing the predictions of a Killer K.I.T.T, where a virus turns a self-driving car into an urban torpedo. Though, I am aware that Tesla's do software upgrades via the internet... and that Siri assistants will laugh for seemingly no reason in the middle of the night.

Kitt: "Did you hear the one about the..." Michael: "Kitt. Stop. You're killing me." Modern AI does jokes, too. Probably some real bad ones, at that. After all, I've tasted Coke's new Y3000 that was co-made by an AI. Makes me think it was trained on those Harry Potter 'dare' jellybeans. I want to say... 'dirty dish water'.

So... what else are modern AI's doing that Kitt already shown us could be a reality? Any AI's doing gambling on horse races, yet?

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