Help finding this episode based on location

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Help finding this episode based on location

Post by rikky383 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:49 am

Hey Guys... I can't believe there's actually a forum dedicated to this kind of stuff. Too cool. So they shot an episode of Knight Rider on my street when I was a kid and I've never seen the episode. I've been watching Knight Rider for hours trying to figure out which episode it is with no luck. Maybe someone here can help? Not sure if this is allowed, but I think it would be much easier to give you a link to the facebook discussion because there is a lot of information already over there. Let me know if you need any further clues that I might be able to dig deep in my brain for. Thanks in advance..

Okay I don't know how to share the facebook link so I'll try to post the photos here. I'm pretty sure the episode was season 3 or season 4 because I didn't live in this neighborhood until after summer of 1984. Also, judging by how we are dressed, the episode was most likely shot in the winter or fall. I'll just copy and paste my original facebook post below. Everything below this is pasted from Facebook:::::

Facebook Caption to Photos (posted in facebook group: 80s Commercials, trailers, toys and more...)
Me and some other 80s kids spazzing out over Kitt when they shot an episode in the neighborhood

Update: Had no idea this would generate so much interest. This was the street I grew up on just outside of Los Angeles in Valencia,CA. We are in the designated Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ) of Hollywood, so it was a very popular place for filming. Pretty much every action show in the 80s shot some episodes in my neighborhood and surrounding area. It was such a common occurrence, that some viewed it as being a nuisance. But it was always fun watching TV and seeing your favorite legends on screen at all the local hangouts.

Update #2: If you’re curious which episode it was, I never caught it on TV when it originally aired so the only hints I can give you are things that I remember from watching them film. I guess the best clue I can provide is I do remember he was supposedly parachuting out of a plane. They actually just attached his backpack to a metal frame and put a backdrop of the sky behind him and shot it right in front of the house. I remember him hanging from the backpack for what seemed like hours. I did finally catch a rerun of the episode late at night when I was all grown up but I wasn’t really paying attention.

If anyone knows the episode, please let me know. I’d love to finally see it
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Re: Help finding this episode based on location

Post by KITTfan » Sun Mar 08, 2020 12:03 pm

Very cool photos, thanks for sharing them :)

First episode that came to my mind from the paracuting thing was Knight in Retreat but there Michael Knight was towed by KITT and he then landed to the Retreat front yard.
In this website used to be a good episode guide but it seems to be down at the moment.

Knight Rider Archive website has another great episode guide. Check the 12th screenshot image from this link, isn't that familiar looking house from your pics :) Looks like the episode you are looking for is indeed 3rd Season episode "Knight in Retreat": ... n_retreat/

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