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vh1 super secret tv formulas

The VH1 series Super Secret TV Forumulas had a recent episode intitled Evil Twins and More. Part of it featured a discussion on KITT and KARR and the sillyness of that as an Evil Twin.

You can watch the video here

What no Michael/Garthe?

:discuss here:

Much thanks to KITT for the heads up and to Michael Pajaro for the file!

This weeks Cartoon Network series "What Happened to Robot Jones?" episode contained an obvious spoof to Knight Rider. Working a job as a recall bot, Robot Jones comes across FLAME (aka KITT) and Steven Hawk (aka Michael Knight) as they save Jones from the evil clutches of his boss. It's obvious that the writers/creators of this show are Knight Rider fans, and thanks to this clip, we are now fans of Robot Jones. Thanks!

You can view a Quicktime movie here. (version 6 recommened) It is 3 minutes 45 seconds long and is just over 10MB in size.

Thanks to LoneKnight for the heads up and my ReplayTV for the capture!

:discuss:'s schedule bot was updated today with some good news. On November 3rd, the series will begin again with Knight of the Phoneix, and thus starting their third run through the series.

There was some doubt in the community as to whether the series would start over again, as the last episode of season four will air at the end of the month of October. The bot, now listing programing till the end of November, confirms it's continuation.

Knight Rider airs Monday-Friday at 5pm Eastern on Sci-Fi. It will be off the air from now until the end of October, while SCI-FI does their month of Marathons.

Thanks to knightimmortal for the heads up!

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