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Blue' posted a bit more information on the game:

"We are excited to develop and publish the sequel to Knight Rider. The first version was successful and it is a logical move to release its follow-up. We have carefully listened to our customers feedback on Knight Rider and we will be incorporating many of the given suggestions into Knight Rider 2" says CEO, Rogier Avis.

Knight Rider was one of the most popular TV series of the 80's attracting millions of viewers to the adventures and missions of David Hasselhof and his super can-do-all car K.I.T.T. Knight Rider is still shown on many TV Stations worldwide and enjoys a large following of fans who fondly remember Michael Knight, Bonnie, Devon and Garth, as well as the main star of the series, the shiny black sleek car named K.I.T.T.

Knight Rider 2 will address much of the customer feedback received on the first Knight Rider game as well as add many new features, which will improve the gameplay dramatically whilst maintaining the authentic atmosphere of the series. Knight Rider 2 will contain more action, in-game animations, special effects and dialogue than its predecessor. In addition to the gameplay elements of chase, race, explore and puzzle, Knight Rider 2 will also offer two complete new games modes: Combat and Mini Games.

As in the first Knight Rider, the player will play K.I.T.T. and must use all the unique features that this famous car was capable of in order to successfully complete missions. Whether its driving in ski-mode in narrow alleys, utilizing night vision to see where others can not, chasing the bad guys with incredible speed by activating the Turbo Boost or scanning buildings to analyse a situation, Knight Rider 2 will still offer all the thrilling features associated with the original K.I.T.T. car of the TV series.

In Knight Rider 2, KITT is now also capable of Combat mode which will raise the gameplay element significantly with the player using different car-based weapons to fight off robots, armoured vehicles and of course Garth, Michaels evil twin-brother and arch enemy. Mini Games such as Dirt Track Racing and The Shooting Gallery add to the excitement and fun. These Mini Games may be unlocked by successfully completing certain missions.

Furthermore, new tracks and environments, some with unconventional surroundings, will definitely add to a fantastic gaming experience. In this second game, players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Knight Rider playing out numerous action packed missions providing hours upon hours of fun. A multi-player mode will allow breathtaking split-screen action between two players.

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If you are a fequent visitor to our fourms, then this message will be nothing new to you:

Davilex today announced that it is working on a sequel to last years Knight Rider game which was released world wide on PC and in Europe on PS2. The game will include many of the modes from last year, but will include a few new items.

In addition to the chase, race, explore, and puzzle elements found in Knight Rider, the sequel will feature two additional gameplay elements in the form of combat and minigames. Using KITT's combat mode, players will do battle against robots, armored vehicles, and Michael Knight's evil twin brother Garth. Minigames in Knight Rider 2 will include a shooting gallery and dirt track racing amongst others.

One of the things the mention is that they have listened to the feedback everyone provided and will be using many of the suggestions in Knight Rider 2. Only time will tell if this is true, but thanks to everyone in the community for donating to those list of suggestions! Hopefully this will show when a community comes together, things can happen. I know it will be well worth it, and it's great when a Company tries to touch base to make the best product possible. They hope to have the game released by the end of the year.

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