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on this day 22 years ago the first episode of Knight Rider aired on NBC! Happy Birthday Knight Rider!

Vinny, who you may remember from earlier in the year as having Hasselhoff on the top of his KITT replica, has stopped by with some details on a new event. In conjunction with Universal Playback, his KITT has been hired to help promote it's release all this week.

From Our Forums:

Hi Guys,

Tomorrow, the 13th September is the official release for the season 1 Boxset release in the UK. My car is being used for all promotional advertising in the UK.
I will let you know each night, how it went. Tomorrow's schedule is lots of radio work with the car being used to create massive interest.
The following stations will be doind something Knight Rider related:

1: Virgin Radio
2: Radio 1
3: Radio 2
4: Heart FM
5: Captial FM

I don't know what they are planning exactly but it will be in the morning shows, i have a 6.45am start.
Loads more happening, i'll keep you informed.



Sounds great! Thanks to Vinny for giving us the heads up!

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