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We've recieved an email update from Stu Phillips, who was the composer on the Knight Rider theme as well as the first season. He updates us with news on his latest apperance, his involvement in the Season 1 DVD and the Knight Con!


Would appreciate it if you would post a message concerning my personal appearance in the Seattle/Tacoma/Portland/Vancouver area. I will be appearing at the Northwest Sci Fi Convention in Seattle at the Sea-Tac Marriott Hotel. I would love to meet and chat with fans of Knight Rider. For details about the convention visit: Also appearing at the convention will be Erin Gray and Gil Gerard of Buck Rogers and Lou Ferrigno of The Hulk... Richard Hatch... David Carradine. This is the same convention that was cancelled last March. It looks even more promising this time around.

Also want to tell the fans that last week I did an on camera interview for the KR DVD due out in August.

Please note that as of this moment, I have confirmed my appearance at the Knight Rider 2004 Con in Germany. Hope to see lots of KR fans there.


Stu Phillips

More info on the Seatle Event:

Stu Phillips will be appearing at the Knight Rider 2004 Convention at Warner Bros. Movie Land in Bottrop-Kirchhellen in Germany, on August 20-22, 2004.

He will appearing at the Northwest Sci Fi Convention in Seattle, Washington at the Airport Marriott on August 28-29, 2004.

On July 9th., the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra will be performing a new Battlestar Galactica Suite conducted by John Mauceri.

The book...Stu Who? Forty Years of Navigating the Minefields of the Music Business. NOW AVAILABLE at: French...
Book Soup... Barnes and Noble and at other local bookstores.

"Stu Phillips' incredibly varied career has included writing the music for Russ Meyer's Beyond The Valley of the Dolls. I wrote the screenplay. The story of that movie alone is worth the price of admission to this book." ROGER EBERT


sandra has written to us with the latest information on the knight con, a knight rider event set to take place August 20th till August 22nd, 2004 in Bottrop–Kirchhellen, Germany.

Info on Knight Con 2004

Finally it is going to happen. Starting August 20, 2004 and continuing until August 23, 2004 there will be a Knight Rider Convention. It is named Knight Con 2004 and will be held at Warner Brothers Movie World in Germany.

Among the plans for this weekend are the following things :

· K.I.T.T. Replica Display
· Workshops
· Autographsessions with Surprise guests
· Knight Rider World Record
· Miss Knight Con 2004
· And much more

There will also be a special Con-pack filled with goodies.

The official Con site can be found at

The official site for Warner Brothers can be found at

Admission prices will be special for all Knight Rider Fans, including a dinner

We already got the ok from some special guests.

You can register for free without any obligations, because we need a number of interested fans, even if you can´t come to the convention.

We maybe can present some worldpremiers on the Convention, like new Audiotapes, Books and Merchandising.

Greetings Sandra

More infomation can be found at the knight con website at The site is available in German and they just recently launched an English version.

Michael Pajaro found this news item:

From the Smithsonian website: "Case: Taking America to Lunch April 13, 2004 - Indefinitely On view are approximately 75 illustrated metal lunch boxes and beverage containers dating from the 1890s through the 1980s to celebrate the history and endurance of American lunch boxes. After reaching the height of their popularity at the dawn of the television era, lunch box sales became barometers for what was current in popular culture."

read more here

A few months ago, news was found of a Knight Rider Experience that was to tour and take place in the UK. This event did not transpire and was believed to have reached an ultimate end. Well it seems this is not so. Sith has received the following email from the producers of the event, set to start December 7th of this year:

Built on the reputation of a sound original TV Show in the early 1980’s a cult following of fans exceeding 1 Million (250,000+) in the UK alone, who are waiting in anticipation for the introduction of the NEW movie, which is about to hit the big screens early 2005 and, now with the launch of the Knight Rider UK Experience introducing the original first series and third series KITT Cars, including the launch of WHITE KNIGHT. It seems to good to be true… Well, the opportunity has now arrived and we are now ready to supply an injection of Knight-Rider to the United Kingdom, and it comes in the name of: The Knight Rider UK Experience. Brought to you by: QUICKSTAR ASSOCIATES.

Readers must be warned however that by all accounts this event looks shady. Calls to the number provided have not fully convinced any callers, and reports from the agents of the Knight Rider stars have claimed that they have no knowledge of this event. With the rather high price tag for the "Golden Ticket" I would suggest anyone thinking about purchasing this to wait until the release date nears, as to be sure they'll get their moneys worth.

Read more here.

Are you going to be in Los Angeles California on April 27th? Then you just may have a chance to see the new Pilot staring David Hasselhoff being taped before a live studio audience!

Audience Unlimited, who is a big company that gives out TV show taping tickets has a link on their website to request tickets for the new untitled Stein/McCall series!

TUESDAY, APRIL 27 untitled Stein/McCall project 7:00pm - Warner Bros. Studios Colin Hanks stars as a young reporter at a national magazine. Co-starring David Hasselhoff as the dashing war correspondant.

Just click on the link on this page and try and see if you can score some tickets!

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