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Thanks to Navtones we've got a really unique experience to share. As you know, we've been working with them for some time promoting the first KITT product for Mio, and now the release of the update of KITT Car Voice for TomTom and Garmin. One of the things we at KRO thought would be really fun to do was to inteview to Mr. Daniels. Navtones thought this idea was great and together we have put together a way for the community to help do the interview!


The best 20 questions chosen by KRO and Navtones will be asked to Mr. Daniels as he records additional content for the device, which includes those missing names they've been collecting from the first release. We'll then post those on audio clips on a weekly basis, gearing up for the product itself to be available for download. The plan is to be able to hear Daniels answer the questions over audio, without text to read!

So please, spread the word! And get your questions in early! It is very rare for him to give interviews, and to have this type of personal access - well I can't express how amazing this opportunity is!

Only questions entered at will be eligible for consideration!

More information at Navtone's Blog

With the news recently that the former exclusive KITT voice was coming to other GPS devices, we started to wonder what was next for our friends at Navtones. When we first heard what that was, our first thought was "of course!"

David Hasselhoff, Mr. Michael Knight himself, was in the Navtones studio last week recording his dialog for his GPS voice and hopes to be as "irreverent and funny" as he is. It should be available as a downloadable add on to your TomTom or Garmin device. He posted this clip to his HoffSpace blog.

Also be sure to check out this fantastic clip we were very shocked to find in our mailbox, as special shot out from David to all the Knight Rider fans on! Thanks David, and thanks Navtones!

Remember, there is still time to get your voice added to the KITT release for TomTom and Garmin, visit to add your name considered to be personalized.

Another clip with David recording is after the jump.

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