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Patricia McPherson ("Bonnie") has placed her acting career on hold while she fights an urban development project in one of the last remaining natural environments in Los Angeles.

At her site at you can find out more about the work she is doing. You can also watch the video "Greed, Gridlock and Gas" to see her explain some of the specific tasks.

The orginization is also accepting tax-deductible donations using PayPal or a credit card. It's a great way to show Patricia how together we can all make a difference.

Mike Pajaro has more information about the cause on his site at Shortly he will have an area on his website giving a good overview of the cause.

david's hasselhoff's website was updated yesterday with news on the motorcycle crash which happened this weekend.

"HASSELHOFF, WIFE IN MORTOCYLCE CRASH Los Angeles (AP) -- David Hasselhoff and his wife suffered broken bones when the actor lost control of the motorcyle they were riding and hit a sidewalk curb, police said. Strong gusty winds were blamed for the crash, which occured about 3pm on a busy street on the city's West Side, said police Sgt. Christopher Kuntz of the West Los Angeles traffic division. The crash threw Hasselhoff against a light pole, while he wife, actress Pamela Bach, fell onto the shoulder of the road. Both were wearing helmets, Kuntz said. They were taken to UCLA Medical Center, where Hasselhoff, 50, was treated for possible lower back fractures, a broken rib and cuts and bruises, Kuntz said. Bach, 39, was treated for a fractured ankle and broken wrist. "They're in stable condition and will probably go home tomorrow," said Warren Cowan, a publicist for Hasselhoff. The accident caused Hasselhoff to cancel trips and interviews to promote the upcoming Fox movie "Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding," Cowan said. "

A thread of get well wishes can be found here. feel free to contribute!

Due to Davids recent accident, appearances for the Baywatch movie on the Wayne Brady show and Conan have been not surprisingly been canceled.

Be sure to check out Baywatch Hawaii this Friday Feb 28th!

from ET Online:

February 21, 2003 | Former "Baywatch" chief DAVID HASSELHOFF and his wife, actress PAMELA BACH, are recovering today after a frightening motorcycle crash in Los Angeles. The couple was riding the bike on a city street at around 3 p.m. when gusty winds caused the actor to lose control and hit a curb. Hasselhoff was thrown against a light pole and his wife fell on the street. According to police, both were wearing helmets. Police say they were treated at a nearby hospital, Hasselhoff for possible lower back fractures, a broken rib and cuts and Bach for a fractured ankle and wrist."

a call to David's publicits says that they are both in stable condition

our thoughts and wishes of a speedy recovery go out to both of them!

thanks to gomjabar, knightimmortal and others who brought this to our attention.

A thread of get well wishes can be found here. feel free to contribute!

According to a search on, David will be appearing on Conan O'Brien on February 26th, for what I am sure is an appearance to support the upcoming Baywatch movie. (if it isn't a repeat episode that is). Guests also scheduled to appear are: Jack and Kelly Osbourne. Music guest: The Chieftains.

According to, David will be appearing on the Wayne Brady show February 28th. This is a syndicated daytime talk show which tends to appear on ABC affiliates at 10am.

This months issue of FHM magazine (the US edition) has a big feature on Baywatch. It shouldn't be hard to find on the news stands, just look for the one with Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Yasmine Bleeth on it.

Inside there is a five page article with David Hasselhoff where the writers spent 12 hours with him talking Knight Rider to Baywatch and a whole lot more. It a very interesting read for all DH fans. There is also vintage photos that accompany it to boot.

Be sure to check it out.

discuss here

On February 7th, David updated his website. Once again there isn't any new info on Knight Rider, all in good time I am sure.

"February 7 , 2003….Message from David: The "Still Standing" taping went really well. It should be a very funny episode if I do say so myself--remember to tune in on February 17th on CBS. We're off to catch the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas this weekend-should be a blast...more updates soon, so check back! Love, David."

Futher down the news area, there are some updates on David's appearances

In issue #695 on page 65 there is a paragraph with Hasselhoff about his February guesting on CBS TV, no Knight Rider mention but there is a pretty picture:

AND SO ON... Four years after Baywatch faded into the sunset, David Hasselhoff is Still Standing! Lieut. Mitch Buchannon's alter ego will play a nurturing hair-dresser whom Bill (Mark Addy) and Judy (Jami Gertz) fight over in a Feb. 17 episode of CBS' Monday-night comedy.

David's website was updated friday, no Knight Rider info alas:

"January 31, 2003?.Message from David: Greetings from my trailer at CBS Studios. I am making a guest appearance on the sit-com, "Still Standing," starring Jami Gertz and Mark Addy -- watch for it on CBS February 17th. Rehearsals have been fun and it will be a great episode! I'll let you know what shows to look out for as we start to publicize "Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding" on Fox February 28th. Until then, Keep Smilin'! Love, David"

First mention goes to knightimmortal.

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